Thurman Speaks About Students Saying the Fooest Things

Student comments from the Fall 2003 semester. It is not fair to take the comments out of context, but I never claimed to be fair. I do respect privacy and no names are used.

   I pay attention during class.

   I hate Bill Gates!

   First of all I learned a lot about computing, not only Unix.

   I am sure I will take another class with you.

   I have learned that we should keep apprised of what our
   politicians are doing in terms of setting policy for the
   regulation of the Internet and WWW.

   I hope you can find it in your heart to take it easy on my GPA.

   Death to Microsoft!!!

   I've enjoyed attending class and my wife is pleased that I'm taking a class.

   Thanks again for the great class.

   I love Unix!

   I have learned that Unix is the dominate operating system
   and that Microsoft and Windows should not be considered
   the end-all in terms of computing and technology.

   I feel that your class has given me the introduction and
   tools that I will need for later in life.

   You look a bit like Santa.

   I think you are the coolest teacher ever and I believe 
   I should get an 'A' for believing that.


   I have come away from this class knowing that computing
   takes patience and problem solving, which are two things
   I don't enjoy when it comes to math, let's say, but in
   computing it is so much fun and you have a webpage to
   express your ideas to others.

   I would love to take another class like this.

   Thanks again, this has been a great semester and you are
   a very good teacher and an even more interesting and fun
   guy to be around.

   You should publish your stuff.  

   I am quite surprised to find myself at times, even often
   at points, to be going through "withdrawls" wanting
   to do more.

   Thank you so much for the vast amount of knowledge that you gave me.
   I am sure we will meet again.

   Keep on traveling and taking great and fascinating pictures.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 17 Dec 2003