"If We're Smart..."

The content of this "Speaks" was emailed to talkback@arizonarepublic.com on 29 August 2005.

	"If we're smart, we'll revamp U.S. public education."

	I don't like that they started the sentence with
	the word "if."  This is America and it can't be 
	a matter of "if."  If it is, then how do we as 
	a country define the "American dream?"

	I don't like to use the word "revolution,"
	but we need a revolution to occur.

	I don't want to sound like a terrorist, but
	we must blow-up today's public education system
	and put in place a system to sustain us into the 
	22nd century and beyond.  If I was dictator, 
	today's students would be learning about our 
	future worlds of "biotech, nanotech, and, ultimately, 
	robotics" [Kurzweil] in all of their classes 
	regardless of subject matter.  

	"Reading, Writing, Arithmetic"  morphs into
	"Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Computing."

	K-12 morphs into PreK-to-Infinity.  We use
	"infinity" to promote life-long learning and
	long-term thinking.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 29 August 2005