Thurman Speaks About Discount Tire Company and the American Dream

For almost eight years I was a computer programmer for Discount Tire Company with corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Discount Tire is a privately held company that is owned by Mr. Bruce T. Halle. Halle opened his first store in 1960 back in Ann Arbor Michigan. Today, Discount Tire has over 500 stores located in 18 states.

Discount Tire Company was a great employer and I was lucky they hired me to program some of their computers. Discount Tire gave me an opportunity to raise my family unit and experience what it is like to be on a winning team.

Every year we had to do a self-evaluation and every year I used that as a chance to Thank Discount Tire for having me as an employee. It was a honor then and it remains a honor today -- seven years later.

At a Discount Tire holiday celebration I remember Mr. Halle telling all of us that Discount Tire was one of our guardian angels. At the time I didn't believe in angels, but these days I do and Halle was right.

Time and time again I have a Discount Tire Company moment. For example, on Thursday, 02 October 2003, I read an article in the "Local" section of the Arizona Republic titled as follows.

  "Discount Tire owner, wife fund dropout study."

Discount Tire wants to help find out "why Arizona students are dropping out of high school at record numbers and how to reverse the trend."

Thank You, Discount Tire Company, for being a contributing member of our community, a provider of good jobs, and proof that American Dreams can and do happen. [And Thank You for still being one of my guardian angels.]

Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 06 Oct 2003