2005 To Be a Year of Change for GDT

This document was started mid-November of 2004; however, it was never posted to the GDT website until mid-August of 2005. In a nutshell, GDT is teetering between a "career retread" or "early retirement."

I will not be teaching any computer classes during the Spring 2005 semester. I started teaching the Fall of 1997 and Spring 2005 will be my first semester not teaching a computer class.

The dot-com correction has been over for a couple of years, yet the CSC "program" has been unable to recover. I guess we got "corrected" out of the business.

I was hired during Fall 1997 to help "build" a CSC program at SCC and prior to the dot-com correction we were doing okay (in fact, SCC added a 0.5 faculty member).

CSC at SCC has lost its 0.5 faculty member and during the Spring 2005 semester have no CSC courses scheduled.

General Dynamics -- a neighbor of SCC's -- supposedly is looking for 230 software developers, yet we cannot fill a programming class.

Three of the top 10 "in demand" Bachelor degrees are related to computing (computer science #6, computer engineering #7, and computer information systems #10), yet we cannot fill CSC courses that transfer toward ASU's CS/CSE Bachelor degrees.

During the Spring 2005 semester I will be teaching four sections of MAT082. I taught MAT082 for the first time during the Spring 2004 semester. During the Fall 2004 semester, to help make my "load," I taught two sections of MAT082. My Spring 2005 semester includes three hours of re-assigned time that will be allocated toward learning about grid and utility computing, biotech, and nanotech.

All of the MAT082 sections occur on Tuesday/Thursday.

For the first time, I will have a semester that requires only one "prep." [Note: I have had semesters where I have had five preps.]

To help keep the CSC program alive at SCC, we "cross-listed" some CSC courses with CIS courses. This practice has been stopped and it is not clear if CSC can exist at SCC.

We will enter into the Spring 2005 semester with grant money and some re-assigned time. I am also required to do a FEP (Faculty Evaluation Plan) this semester and I am already behind on this job requirement.

This is my first FEP and I am not clear as to use it to the best of my advantage. My job has gotten difficult for many reasons and enrollment is only one issue.

We are entering into the next era of computing and, professionally, I am falling behind. Slowly, but surely, I am becoming a computing dinosaur.

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 25 November 2004