Thurman Speaks About Driving 55

The following was obtained from a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey:
60 percent think speeding by other drivers is a threat to their personal safety. But the same survey also found that 23 percent admit that they have exceeded the speed limit themselves by more than 10 mph during the previous week. In addition to speeding, drivers say they fear a number of other bad driving habits; many reported they have recently seen other drivers weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, drinking and driving, or ignoring red lights and stop signs.

When driving on the freeway in a town, it is my right to drive 55 in the right-most lane. Those of you who need to go 80 or 90, then do it in the left-most lane. It annoys me when somebody comes speeding up behind you as if they are going to run you over (it really freaks me when that somebody is on a motorcycle).

I find it interesting that many times you have to push 65 miles per hour in order to safely enter a freeway. It it sad that so many people don't have an extra few minutes to drive a reasonable speed.

When I need to get somewhere, I allow myself plenty of time to get there. Even if I'm running late, BIG DEAL! You end up being late. Wow... how terrible. Say you are sorry and move on.

Maybe it is just me, but the older I get the slower I want things to move. I'm just not in a hurry anymore and you can ride my ^$# all you want and that is not going to make me go any faster. So THERE! And... don't ever honk to speed me up.

I can hardly wait until people are surfing the web while driving their cars. That will be simply great [not].

When in a desolated place, then drive 100. But around town, 55 should be allowed.

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If you're not a hemorrhoid, then get off my ass.