I am Now 48 Years Young

Borrowing from Steven Stills and Neil Young... Eight and forty years ago I was born; I am now twenty-four times two years old and there's so much more. I am 24 doubled.

   8 + 40  =  24 x 2  =  24 + 24  =  48

The phrasing... "years in age." Saying "48 years old" is wrong because 48 is not old (particularly if we live long enough to make it into nanoworld). I like to write "48 years young."

Many people would guess I was born in 1948 instead of my birth year of 1957.

Let's look closer at the number 48.

   48 is an even number
   48 is a composite number (i.e. it is not prime)
   48 prime factorization is 2x2x2x2x3
   the square root of 48 is almost 7
   48 in binary is 110000
   48 is not a valid octal number
   48 in hexadecimal is 0x30

   48 years is 4.8 decades
   48 years is 48% of a century
   48 hours is two days

I turn 48 years of age with both my parents alive and together.

These days I am more a basic arithmetic teacher than computer instructor; I may have to stop calling myself a computer professional.

I have learned about the importance of sustainability over the course of the last year. Maybe RoadHacker (and related characters) will allow me to "retread." Sustainability requires retreading from time-to-time. [Neil Young: "I won't retire, but I might retread."]

At forty-eight years and four days at approximately 6:00am MST, RoadHacker will be taking a roadtrip through the Four Corners of NE Arizona, NW New Mexico, SW Colorado and SE Utah.

RoadHacker has never driven on a highway numbered 48. Given US Hwy-48 connects Strasburg, VA, with Weston, WV, it is unlikely RoadHacker will ever drive this road. When RoadHacker turns 50 years in age, then he may do some driving on US Hwy-50.

Physical fitness is important and I need to exercise my 48 year aged body more than the 47 year aged version. TempeHiker will help in this area. I have lots of pictures of Tempe and TempeHiker will continue to take pictures as Tempe sprawl's upward. In addition, I will continue to use litter patrols as a form of exercise. [We may never run out of litter.]

FoodHacker gets inputs from RoadHacker and TempeHiker. At 48, I need to be careful with FoodHacker because of all the food (most of it extremely tasty).

I am still a paying member of the CPSR, EFF, and ACM. Today, I helped celebrate my 48th birthday by donating a small amount of money to the LongNow Foundation. As long as I have money, I will remain connected with these organizations on a nano-scale.

During November of 2005, my daughter will be half my age. I will be 48 and Bree will be 24. I was 24 when Bree was born 48 years ago.

It started as follows.

   Dad 24... Daughter...  0

Fast forward to these days.

   Dad 48... Daughter... 24
   If Dad lives to  48 x 2  years in age (i.e. 96), 
   Daughter will be 72.

   If Dad lives to  124 years  of age,
   Daughter will be 100.

   If Dad lives to  48 x 3  years in age (i.e. 144),
   Daughter will be 120.

As of turning 48, I still have Monday, 18 January 2038, as my death date. I will not live to 82; however, my death date may be removed given future discoveries in bio- and nano-technology.

Age is a measurement of time. A couple of weeks ago I wrote that age is also a state-of-mind.

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Created: 28 May 2005
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