[speak] I am Now 54 Years Young...

While I was 53... Brenna and Hayden turned one year old. For a full year they gave Kathleen and I a chance to observe exponential growth.

While I was 53... Our home became nice, nice, nice. Mitch's room morphed into a fun home office/play room. Our living room became our La Posada room. Our family room no longer has a popcorn ceiling and it is free from computers. And our middle bathroom is great. Outside: We have a new patio table and chairs, and two new umbrellas to shade the pool.

While I was 53... I stayed a travelling man.

Early-June 2010... Drove to Winslow on 31 May 2010 and dropped the car off at the La Posada. Took a Greyhound bus back to Phoenix. Flew to Chicago to visit my parents and then took the Southwest Chief from Naperville to Winslow.

Late-June 2010... Pacific Beach, California.

Mid-July 2010... Oregon (Portland, Evergreen Aviation Museum, Rockaway Beach, waterfalls, etc.).

Mid-August 2010... Hualapai Mountain Park near Kingman, Arizona.

Late-September 2010... San Carlos Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mid-November 2010... New Mexico (the boot, Columbus, Hatch, Spaceport, etc.)

Late-December 2010... We drove to Winslow on 21 December 2010, spent the night, then caught the Southwest Chief to visit my parents. Upon returning to Winslow, our scheduled two night stay ended up being one night because of a winter storm moving into the state.

Mid-March 2011... Pi Day 2011 at the Shady Dell and Evergreen Cemetery in Bisbee, Arizona.

Late-March 2011... Superior, Arizona.

While I was 53... I spent a lot of time managing stocks. In a nutshell, we are heavily invested in the future. Top five holdings: Geeknet (world geekification), iRobot (consumer/military robots), Illumina (genomics), Google (21st century Informatics) and Cray (supercomputing).

A year is a long chunk of time and bad stuff can happen, but for me 53 was a quiet year on the bad news front.

While I was 53... Ernie the cat died and so did Chuy's the restaurant.

While I was 53... I had a brain fart during class and there is speculation that it was a "transient ischemic attack." The event caused me to get a doctor and to undergo a bunch of testing (MRI brain scan, chest X-ray, blood work, urine, EKG). In a nutshell, I exit 53 relatively healthy.

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Created: 28 May 2011

54 Begins...

I think it was Neil Young who once sang... 54 and there's so much more.

While I am 54... Brenna and Hayden will turn two in late-July and we will continue to experience their exponential growth.

While I am 54... Our home improvements will continue.

While I am 54... I will try to stay a travelling man.

Early-June... I'm flying to San Jose, California, to visit the Computer History Museum for the first time and attend my first annual meeting of Google shareholders.

Mid-June... Tyler and I are doing a 2500 mile road trip through southern Utah, northern New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, a couple of new places in central/southern New Mexico and some driving on US Highway-54.

Mid-July... Hopefully we can get Kara to share her condo with us in Pacific Beach, California.

Early-August... Kathleen and I are driving to Gallup, New Mexico, to take the Southwest Chief to visit my parents in Illinois.

While I am 54... I'll turn 20,000 days young on 29 February 2012.

While I am 54... I'll continue to learn about the future.

While I am 54... I'll continue to do mathy stuff.

   My mom was 3^3 years young when she had me; my son (for 3 more months) 
   is currently 3^3 years young; and I'm 3^3 doubled years young (and 
   I'll hit 3 score years young in 3! years).

   My 3 story continues... Right now my mom is 3*3*3*3, my son is 3*3*3 
   and I'm 3*3*3! Next month (June 2011) my dad turns 3*3*3*3+3. My son 
   and mom have birthdays in August and September, respectively, But then 
   my daughter has a birthday in November and she turns 3*3*3+3.

   One last 3 related tidbit... Earlier this month I read about 
   Harmon Killebrew dying. I was a serious Killebrew fan while 
   a kid. When I read about Killebrew I remembered that he wore 
   number 3. I also remember that his teammate, Tony Oliva, wore 
   number 3!. The Minnesota Twins haven't retired many numbers, 
   but they have retired 3 and 3!.