A Gilligan's Island Moment

I watched a lot of Gilligan's Island as a kid. The show was funny and I could almost always relate to Gilligan. [And I liked Dawn Wells.]

Gilligan's Island was created by Sherwood Schwartz. Schwartz died at the age of 93 on 12 July 02011.

A few days after Schwartz's death, I read What "Gilligan's Island" creator Sherwood Schwartz was saying about democracy by Paul A. Cantor at WashingtonPost.com. In the article Cantor wrote the following:

   "Gilligan is the perfect democratic hero because he has no claims to 
    superiority. [...] Gilligan is the pure common man." -- Paul Cantor

Cantor (an English professor at the University of Virgina) also quoted Sherwood Schwartz.

   "I never thought I'd see the day when an English Professor of 
    some note would use "Gilligan's Island" as one of four pillars 
    on which rest the liberal democratic view of the recent past 
    in America." -- Sherwood Schwartz via Paul Cantor

Now I want to watch the The Little Dictator episode of Gilligan's Island because it turns out I is-a Gilligan.

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Created: 19 July 2011
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