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I was reading an interview with John Sculley (President of PepsiCo 1977-1983, CEO of Apple 1983-1993) and he spent time talking about Steve Jobs (co-founder and CEO of Apple). In the interview Sculley mentioned that Steve Jobs had "huge admiration for Dr. Land."

Who is Dr. Land?

Edwin H. Land was the co-founder of Polaroid Corporation. In 1988 Land was awarded the National Medal of Technology for "the invention, development and marketing of instant photography". Just like Jobs, Land never received a formal degree. Dr. Land died on 1 March 1991 at the age of 81. [source: Wikipedia.org]

I visited WikiQuote.org to read some quotes by Dr. Land.

We live in a world changing so rapidly that what we mean
frequently by common sense is doing the thing that would
have been right last year.

-- Edwin Land in 1958

"We live in a world changing so rapidly..." sounds like the start of a quote made in 2010, but it's from 1958.

My motto is very personal and may not fit anyone else or
any other company. It is: Don't do anything that someone
else can do. Don't undertake a project unless it is
manifestly important and nearly impossible.

-- Edwin Land in 1987

"Don't do anything that someone else can do..." reminded of the following quote by Seymour Cray (the father of supercomputing).

One of my guiding principles is don't do anything that other
people are doing. Always do something a little different if
you can. The concept is that if you do it a little differently
there is a greater potential for reward than if you the same
thing that other people are doing. I think that this kind of
goal for one's work, having obviously the maximum risk, would
have the maximum reward no matter what the field may be."

-- Seymour Cray prior to 1995 (one year prior to his death)

To have been a fly on the wall...

   Edwin Land: "I could see what the Polaroid camera should be. 
   It was just as real to me as if it was sitting in front of 
   me before I had ever built one."

   Steve Jobs: "Yeah, that's exactly the way I saw the Macintosh."

   [source: John Sculley via CultOfMac.com]

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