ThurmSpeaks::Obama Talks About Waste In Our Healthcare System

During Obama's infomercial (oops... news conference) on 22 July 02009, Obama used the word "waste" seven times.

I've read and heard from multiple sources that currently (i.e. right now) the "Government controls half of our nation's health care dollars." Now the Government wants to increase its control of health care. Recall, Obama used the word "waste" seven times during his infomercial (oops... news conference).

Obama said: "Already we've estimated that two-thirds of the cost of reform can be paid for by reallocating money that is simply being wasted in federal health care programs."

These days scientists can turn cow dung into energy, but I am not convinced that our current herd of politicians can turn waste into anything but more waste.

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 25 July 2009
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