ThurmSpeaks::The Power of Twitter Example

It starts with the following tweet from futurist Tim O'Reilly.
   The Bernanke Market: "when it's clear that you are the 
   market you have to stop buying & begin tackling the 
   hard stuff" http://bit.ly/7t7yE

I click the shrunken hyperlink contained in the tweet.

The hyperlink is to an "Opinion" by Andy Kessler posted at Online.WSJ.com. Kessler's opinion is titled "The Bernanke Market" and it is sub-titled with "We won't get real growth until Congress and Treasury get policy right."

I read Andy Kessler's opinion and I agree with his assessment. I go back and mine the following quotes that Kessler wrote.

   "[...] the porky $787 billion stimulus hasn't 
    translated into growth."~Andy Kessler

   "[...] only one thing has worked -- flooding 
    the market with dollars."~Andy Kessler

   "The stock market anticipates only future profits 
    and prosperity, not government-funded starter 
    fluid."~Andy Kessler

   "Can the U.S. economy stand on its own two feet without 
    Mr. Bernanke's magic dollar dust?"~Andy Kessler

I like Andy Kessler's opinion: Who is this guy?

At the end of the opinion it states Andy Kessler is the author of "How We Got Here" (Collins, 2005).

I haven't read Kessler's book so it becomes Google time and the "I'm feeling lucky" button goes to Amazon.com where I learn the full title of Kessler's book is "How We Got Here: A Slightly Irreverent History of Technology and Markets."

Kessler says How We Got Here is the book he "wished someone had handed him on his first day as a freshman engineering student at Cornell or on the day he started on Wall Street."

I want to learn more from Andy Kessler, so I find his website and now I receive an email message every time Kessler's posts his opinions.


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