ThurmSpeaks::I say YES to NSF $7B Funding Request

I say YES to the National Science Foundation's request for $7,000,000,000 for FY 02010 to fund CSTEM (Computing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at American universities. The NSF deserves more than $7 billion because NSF funding should exceed pork/lard spending, but that's just not possible given our current herd of political dinosaurs.

I am glad to see the NSF is receiving $3,000,000,000 from the $787,000,000,000 "economic stimulus" package. The $3 billion will enable universities to purchase scientific and robotic equipment. The NSF should be given a larger chunk of the "economic stimulus," but the NSF promotes research/discovery/innovation and not shovels. [Although I suspect the NSF could fund some robotic-shovel projects right now.]

News sources report that the NSF has been "focusing its technology research funding on nanotechnology, cloud computing and supercomputing." Woohoo! And I think the NSF's "Science and Engineering Beyond Moore's Law" and "Expeditions in Computing" programs are beyond exciting.

When it comes to NSF funding, I advocate more, morE, moRE, mORE, MORE.

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Created: 08 March 2009
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