ThurmSpeaks::How About a High-Speed Rail Czar?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes $13 billion for high-speed rail (HSR) projects.

Today (02009.06.23), Seattle, WA-based supercomputer maker Cray Inc. announced that Japan's Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI) is using a Cray supercomputer and a Cray deskside supercomputer to "accelerate large-scale simulations that push the boundaries of innovation in railway technologies." In a nutshell, the RTRI needs to execute "much faster and more precise simulations."

Japan's RTRI research spans the fields of "rolling stock engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, materials sciences, environmental engineering and human sciences." The RTRI isn't about shovels; it's about CSTEM (Computing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

With respect to the government's stimulus package, $13 billion for HSR projects is petty cash and I suspect taxpayers are going to have to fork over a lot more money to support HSR R&DDD (research, development, demonstration, deployment). Obama needs to find a Dagny Taggart to become HSR czar.

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 23 June 2009
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