ThurmSpeaks::About Waste In Our Healthcare System

I've recently been to the doctor once and the hospital twice. In a nutshell, healthcare IT (Information Technology) doesn't seem like it has advanced that much over the span of the last two decades.

President Obama says that two-thirds of the cost of for healthcare reform can be paid for by eliminating the waste contained in our current healthcare system. I believe him. But Obama doesn't mention that a lot of this waste is in form of healthcare workers (i.e. humans/jobs).

Lots of money is being tossed into workforce development, but I'm concerned that the workforces being developed today don't have long life-spans (i.e. here today, gone tomorrow). And this includes the healthcare workforce.

Healthcare IT along with advances in biotechnology, bioscience, nanotechnology, nanoscience, and robotics should significantly reduce need for healthcare workers.

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 25 July 2009
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