ThurmSpeaks::Free Lunches--Want vs. Need

I know ignorance is not bliss, but sometimes I get annoyed by the wording of headlines.

"Record number of U.S. students need free lunch" was a USA Today headline printed on the front-page of 11 June 02009 Arizona Republic.

First, in this context "free lunch" is an oxymoron. The headline should have read: U.S. taxpayers feeding record number of students.

Second, I suspect the number of students that "get" a free lunch is greater than the number of students that "need" to be fed.

Want versus need... I want a free lunch, but I don't need one (knock on wood).

Disclaimer: Hunger is one of the most serious problems confronting our world. It is beyond amazing that anybody in the United States is undernourished. Learning cannot happen without nutritious food in the belly.

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 13 June 2009
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