ThurmSpeaks::Father's Day 2009

I'm not into special days, but I'm a son and a dad (and soon to be grandpa) so I decided to write this note on Father's Day 02009.

About a month ago I was sitting in a motel lobby in Green Bay, Wisconsin, chatting with my dad, Truman. I don't know what prompted it, but I said something about robotics and Truman found it interesting enough to ask questions. Eventually, the topic morphed into nanotechnology and again Truman asked questions wanting to learn more. It was refreshing for me (at age 51) to see my 81-year-old dad sharp as ever.

A few days later, after returning home to Tempe, I called my parents to say hello. Truman answered the phone and he immediately had to tell me about a friend of his who had just returned from a few months in Mesa. While they were sitting in the driveway chatting, Truman asked if his friend knew anything about nanotechnology. Truman told me that his friend went on and on about the subject just like I did in the Green Bay motel lobby. Truman said his friend had attended Nano Day at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Nano Day was on 5 April 02009 and I, too, attended the event. I guess it is a very, very, very small world.

Just like my dad, I'm a dad. My two kids are adults. In fact, on Father's Day 02009, my age (52) equals the sum of their ages (27 and 25). In a couple of months I'll be a grandpa for the first time. My daughter is going to be a mom (she's having twins) and we're excited about that. Prior to the birth of the grandkids, my son and I are going on a 5-day, 2000 mile, road trip to visit Earth (Texas). Taking a summer road trip is a tradition for my son and I (although last summer Tyler visited Africa instead).

On Father's Day 02009, I conclude with the following. I was lucky boy to have the dad that I had and I'm a lucky man to have a dad who is alive and well. I was a lucky man to have two great kids and I'm still a lucky man to have kids that include me in their adult lives.

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad."~anonymous

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