ThurmSpeaks::About Baseball All-Star Game 02009

I lost all interest in sports many years ago, but I look at the sports section everyday because I find it useful to be able to talk about sports in certain "networking" situations.

I turned on this year's baseball all-star game because I wanted to see the St. Louis Arch and watch Obama throw out the first pitch, but I must admit that I took a brief journey through the past when I saw Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and Bruce Sutter.

I was seven years young when Stan "the man" Musial played his last game and I have no memory of watching him play; I was, however, happy to see he is still alive. I was a left-handed hitter, so if Musial had been playing while I was a jock, I would have surely emulated him.

I can't even begin to guess how many times I was Bob Gibson when I threw the ball off the side of the wall, or pitched in a pretend Cubs vs. Cardinals game in the front-yard.

Lou Brock was a thief and as a devoted Cubs fan I hated Lou Brock. Brock started his career with the Cubs, but... When Lou Brock made it safely to first, it was like--okay take second.

I would have never made contact on a Bruce Sutter split-finger fastball. Never. And as a Cubs fan it was tough to see Sutter go the Cardinals. Sutter went from friend to foe.

The Cubs-Cardinals rivalry was fierce. As a Cubs fan, I wanted to the Cardinals to lose every game. The city of St. Louis was worse than East St. Louis. But, at the age of 52 (Obama turns 48 in a couple of weeks), I would have exited the dugout wearing a Cardinals jacket.

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Created: 25 July 2009
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