ThurmSpeaks::I've Resumed Reading 'Atlas Shrugged'

I started reading Atlas Shrugged during December of 2008, but I put it down after finishing Part I because it was too depressing. Atlas Shrugged is a fiction that was written in the mid-1950s, yet it reads as if it was documenting life in 2008.

A couple of days ago I decided to resume reading Atlas Shrugged and I'm about 30 pages into Part II. Today, 21 June 2009, I see the following headline from the Washington Post: "Obama Defends Proposed New Agency." Obama's "new agency" is going to help protect consumers against deceptive lending practices and he's calling it the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Wait a minute... four pages into Part II of Atlas Shrugged the Consumers' Protection agency is mentioned. Doh!

By the way... Who is John Galt?

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Created: 21 June 2009
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