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2 September 1969 was a significant day in the computing world because on that day machines at U.C.L.A. exchanged "messages." Many people considered this event to be the birth of the Internet. [Note: 29 October 1969 is also considered the birth of the Internet.]

I tweeted the following on 2 September 2009.

   I was 12 on 9/2/1969. "The Birth of the Internet" by 
   Leonard Kleinrock at CS.UCLA.edu http://bit.ly/owp9G

If somebody had told me in 1969 that computers had exchanged messages my response would have been something like... What's a computer? Want to play baseball?

"It all began with a comic book!" is how UCLA's "The Birth of the Internet" essay begins.

The comic book was Superman and Kleinrock, while reading the comic book at age six, "found plans for building a crystal radio." In other words, "an engineer was born."

"The Birth of the Internet" essay ends with... "From a comic book to cyberspace; an interesting journey indeed!"

CS.UCLA.edu::Leonard Kleinrock's Personal History/Biography The Birth of the Internet

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