ThurmSpeaks::"Unthinkable Futures" by Kelly and Eno, 1993

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"Unthinkable Futures" was written by Kevin Kelly and Brian Eno for the summer, 1993, issue of Whole Earth Review.

Eno: "The first Bio-Olympics, where athletes can have anything added to or subtracted from their bodies, take place in 2004."

Didn't happen in 2004 and it won't happen in 2008. I'd be shocked if it happens in 2012, so I'll say 2016 at the earliest. First Robo-Olympics by 2024?

Kelly: "The human genome project is halted by activists. Placards at demonstrations say: 'Our DNA, Our Selves.'

A couple of states (California and New York) have already ordered 13 companies to stop Gene Testing.

Kelly: "It costs half a day's pay to drive your car into the downtown area of a big city, and a day's wages to park."

Hmmm... maybe not exactly, but on the right path. Gas prices were approximately $1.104 in June of 1993 and today they are about 4.026. The Tempe parking lot that I use to park in for free isn't free anymore.

Eno: "Disabled people finally come into their own as remote operators of telerobots. They are the only ones prepared to commit the immense amount of time necessary to learn the finesse of working inside another body."

We might not be in the Age of Robotics, yet, but we're getting closer. I've got a robot vacuum cleaner in my house and there's a robotic arm currently digging on the surface of Mars. Robots are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives.

Want to have some fun?

Then come up with your own list of Unthinkable Futures.

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