ThurmSpeaks::Oxymoron? Unionized Meritocracy

I posted the following to my AzFoo and AzCentral.com blog on 19 November 2008.

Title: Oxymoron? unionized meritocracy

"Teachers union bars D.C. progress" was the title of Leonard Pitts' article in the 17 November 2008 Arizona Republic. In the article, Pitts lamented about how teachers in Washington D.C. are unionized; therefore, they are treated like a heard when it comes to keeping their jobs and pay increases.

"People who don't perform get the ax and those who do get raises," wrote Pitts. "Isn't that the way it works in most non-unionized professions?"

My answer is "yes," but only if the non-unionized profession is a meritocracy.

Potential oxymoron? Unionized meritocracy.

Pitts ended his article commenting about test scores in Washington D.C. He cited statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics. During 2007, 48% of 8th graders had basic reading skills and 12% were proficient readers. With respect to math, 34% of 8th graders had basic math skills and 8% were proficient in math.

It is possible to learn basic math with just basic reading skills; however, it is nearly impossible to move beyond basic math without being a proficient reader.

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