ThurmSpeaks::MCCCD Raising 2008-09 Tuition Rates 9.2 Percent

Robert Robb, columnist for the Arizona Republic, posted an item to his AzCentral.com blog titled: "Avoiding community college tuition increases." I made the following comment to Robb's posted.
   posted by Gerald9588  on Mar 27, 2008 at 06:29 AM

   The Maricopa County Community College District would be
   a penny stock if it were a publically traded company.  

   Since the fall of 1997, the MCCCD has raised tuition rates 91.9%.  
   The fall 1997 tuition rate was $37 (per in-state credit hour).  
   Now it is $71.  According to a CPI Inflation Calculator, what 
   cost $37 in 1997 costs $48.80 in 2008.  In other words, the 
   2008-09 MCCCD tuition rate should be at most $50.

   These tuition rate increases exclude increases to course fees.  
   Almost every course has a "fee" attached to it.  For example, 
   a student taking an English class has to pay an $x course fee.  
   Why?  In many cases it's called revenue generation.

   A couple of years ago the MCCCD raised the registration fee 
   from $5 to $15 (a 200% increase).  You would think after spending 
   millions of dollars on computer systems that the registration fee 
   would do down rather up. 

   The MCCCD has done virtually nothing to allay the cost of textbooks.  
   For example, a basic algebra textbook can cost over $100.  That's 
   about $100 more than what it should cost.  Almost all instructors 
   require their students to buy textbooks.

   I have worked for the MCCCD since the fall of 1997.  My job could 
   easily be eliminated.  In addition, to date, I have not experienced 
   a pay cut.  It is simply way too easy to force students to spend 
   money they don't have (i.e. take on debt) in the hopes their college 
   paperwork will pay off in the long run.  As far as I know, college 
   degrees come with zero guarantees.

   In 2008-09 it will cost a student $86 to take a 1-credit course, but 
   that does not include course fee (if any), book expense (if any), and 
   transportation costs to get to/from campus.  The MCCCD promotes 
   life-long learning, but sadly there are too many of us who cannot 
   afford to use the MCCCD to help us be life-long learners.

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