ThurmSpeaks::SCC Students Do Not Have the Right To Fail

The faculty at SCC have been notified by SCC's administration that SCC students do not have the right to fail. Faculty were told that it is "unethical" to support a student's right to fail.

The VP of Academics, while speaking to SCC faculty, hinted something that I've known for at least a decade: Students who attend class generally do better than those who don't.

The VP also indicated that the first four to six weeks are critical when it comes to student success.

I've been an instructor at SCC since the fall 1997 and I have never required attendance. I believe students do have the right to fail and I am not going to require attendance; however, this semester -- fall 2008 -- I'm implementing the following:

   Students having perfect attendance and pay attention while
   in class for the first five weeks of the semester will receive 
   10 points.  Recall, as per the course syllabus, a minimum of 
   70 points is needed to pass the class.

I am hoping that after five weeks, we will realize the benefits of attending class and we will make ever effort to attend every class sessions. I am optimistic that those of us who come to class and pay attention will receive a passing grade and that we'll be prepared for our next math adventure.

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 20 August 2008