ThurmSpeaks::Obama Needs a Dream Team of CSTEMers

I posted the following to my AzFoo at AzCentral.com blog on 24 November 2008.

Title: Obama needs a dream team of CSTEMers

"And during the campaign and to this date I see no evidence that Obama or any of his minions have any interest in the most trendy of tech developments: the MEMS, micro electro-mechanical systems," wrote John Dvorak on on 21 November 02008.

I agree with Dvorak's assessment.

"Generally speaking, the U.S. is not seen as a leader here [nanotechnolgy]," wrote Dvorak.

I believe Dvorak has stated a fact.

"I'm amused by how the media are so gaga over the fact that Obama is supposedly tech savvy because he is addicted to a Blackberry, a product of Research In Motion, and his campaign used the Internet to raise money," lamented Dvorak.

Gaga is right. This foolishness propagates down to a U.S. educational system that believes being able to use a computer defines computer literacy.

I hope Obama builds himself a strong dream team of CSTEMers to help guide him through the next few years. [CSTEMers are computational thinkers, scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.]

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 24 November 2008