ThurmSpeaks::Kudos to NASA!

I posted the following to my AzFoo at AzCentral.com on 23 November 2008.

Title: Kudos to NASA!

NASA has "successfully" transferred images between the JPL to a spacecraft using the Disruption-Tolerate Network (DTN) protocol. Woohoo!

NASA's efforts have been built upon Vinton Cerf's work on the InterPlaNetary Internet (IPN) Project. Vinton Cerf is considered one of the father's of the Internet and these days he is Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. Congratulations to Dr. Cerf!

[side-bar] 20 November 02008 was the 10th anniversary of the International Space Station (ISS). Happy Birthday ISS!

[side-bar] Today, 23 November 02008, astronauts are laboring to get equipment working that converts urine into drinkable water. Sounds like technology that might come in handy here in the Sonoran desert. Cheers!

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in the 20th century any more. Kudos to NASA!

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Created: 23 November 2008