ThurmSpeaks::I Don't Identify With America

Just like George Carlin, I don't really identify with America.

Blogs.PsychologyToday.com posted one of the last interviews with George Carlin. Jay Dixit conducted the interview on 13 June 02008 and the following quote from the interview mirrors my sentiments.

   "I don't really identify with America, I don't really feel 
    like an American or part of the American experience, and 
    I don't really feel like a member of the human race, to 
    tell you the truth. I know I am, but I really don't. All 
    the definitions are there, but I don't really feel a part 
    of it. I think I have found a detached point of view, an 
    ideal emotional detachment from the American experience 
    and culture and the human experience and culture and human 
    choices."--George Carlin on 13 June 02008

Bottom-line: It is the middle of 02008 and America will be electing a new president in November. Given the choices-- for which I acknowledge blame--our future is obvious: at least four more years stuck in the 20th century. These four years could easily morph into eight; therefore, it might not be until 02016 before I can celebrate another July 4th. Sadly, I might be too optimistic thinking America will be a great country by the year 02016. [Note: I will be 59 years of age in 02016.]

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