ThurmSpeaks::About Tempe Not Liking the 'P' in GPEC

I posted the following to my AzCentral.com blog on 22 June 2008.

   On 18 June 2008, the Tempe Republic had a story headlined:  
   "Tempe split on staying in Phoenix economic group."  I guess 
   some Tempe residents think it is a waste of money to be a 
   member of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC).

   One Tempe city council member doesn't like that the 'P' in GPEC 
   stands for Phoenix.  The "GP" could  be replaced with "MC" 
   (Maricopa County), but the MCEC.org domain name is not available.  
   When I travel and tell people I'm from Tempe, many of them ask 
   "where's that?" I respond with "near Phoenix" and they immediately 
   have an idea as to Tempe's location.  Like it or not, Tempe will 
   always be part of the Phoenix sprawl; therefore, the 'P' in GPEC 
   is not an issue.

   The Tempe Republic article indicated that Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman 
   was "outraged" with ASU President Michael Crow for being pro-GPEC.  
   The Republic printed the following:  "The mayor suggested during a 
   public meeting that if Crow was so pleased with GPEC perhaps he should 
   seek the financial support Tempe offers ASU from his friends at GPEC 
   instead." Tempe claims it is "the smart place to be."  Take away 
   ASU and Tempe would have to strike the word "smart" from its motto. 

   I was going to advocate Tempe stay a member of GPEC; however, I was 
   dismayed when I found that the most recent item in the scrolling 
   "News & Events" section on the GPEC.org  homepage was dated 
   3.28.08. In a nutshell, the GPEC.org homepage has gone stale and 
   between 3.28.08 and 6.22.08 there was zero newsworthy economic 
   activity in Maricopa County.

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 22 June 2008