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I posted the following to my AzFoo at AzCentral.com on 29 November 2008.

Title: I find dangerous ideas interesting

I find myself continually mining John Brockman's book "What is Your Dangerous Idea?" for quotes. The following are two "dangerous ideas" from the book.

"The idea that ideas can be dangerous," by Daniel Gilbert. Gilbert is a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He authored Stumbling on Happiness, which won the Royal Society Prizes for Science Books in 02007. Gilbert is most proud of the fact that he is on the list of Most Famous High School Dropouts at Education-Reform.net.

"The idea that we all share our dangerous ideas," W. Daniel Hillis. Hillis studied artificial intelligence under Marvin Minsky at MIT and he was doing "massively parallel" supercomputing back in the early 1980s. W. Daniel Hillis co-founded the Long Now Foundation in 01996.

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