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On 6 August 2008, the Arizona Republic allocated a full page (A14, which was ad free) to print AIMS scores. To me, the AIMS scores are nothing more than a bunch of numbers, but I'll comment anyways.

(0) If AIMS scores improve, does that mean students are getting "smarter" or does it mean teachers are getting better at teaching for the test?

(1) On average, of those students who flunked the math portion of the AIMS test in 10th grade, 35% and 28% of them passed when they re-tested in the 11th and 12th grades, respectively. Based on these raw numbers, Arizona schools get a F-minus in helping students learn from their mistakes.

(2) Almost three out of every four high school students can read. This is good news because you can't do math if you can't read.

(3) On average, for one-third of Arizona high school students, AIMS is an opportunity to earn Another Incompetent Math Score.

Follow-Up Comment

I just got done reading today's (Aug. 7) Arizona Republic and I wanted to extend a "congratulations" to Bioscience High School for doing so well on the AIMS test. I suspect for most of these students (i.e. budding scientists), the math portion of the AIMS test was trivial. It is only a matter of time before Phoenix plants a "Point of Pride" sign on its bioscience campus.

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