Thurman Speaks About the MCCCD Being an Educational Titantic

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   Comment from: Gerald8100

   01/19/07 @ 15:45
   I think the MCCCD is a 20th century institution that lacks 21st 
   century leadership. Crow is morphing ASU into a 21st century 
   university. Is the MCCCD morphing into a 21st century community 
   college system?

   Comment from: Sharon Corea

   01/20/07 @ 00:00
   I can't say that I know. What would a 21st century community 
   college system look like in your opinion?

   Comment from: Gerald8100

   01/20/07 @ 06:40
   Sharon asks... "What would a 21st century community college 
   system look like in your opinion?"

   Huge question and I cannot answer given this tiny text area 
   to type into. Here are some bullet-list items:

   + Drop tuition rates to almost zero. Most people cannot afford 
     to be life-long learners.

   + Offer more 0- 1/2- and 1-credit courses.  

   + Do more "Just-In-Time" instruction.

   + Cut the length of semesters by at least 50%.

   + Final grades (which are in the form of a letter) include 
     written feedback as to why the grade was what it was.

   + Eliminate registration fees, but some course fees can be maintained.

   + Reduce the number of luddite-faculty.

   + Increase (from almost zero) the amount of inter-disciplinary 
     study and instruction that occurs.

   + If a campus is going to have computers in the classrooms, then 
     keep those computers working. If no class is in progress, then 
     morph the computers in that classroom into a computer cluster 
     and have them do some computing (gene sequencing, seti, whatever). 
     It is amazing the amount of computing power wasted within the MCCCD. 
     At one school the classroom computers seem to be replaced every 
     three years (or so) even though they have done virtually no computing.

   + Morph the MCCCD into true learning communities. Walk around any 
     of the 10 campuses on any Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you 
     will "see" almost zero learning taking place. The campuses do 
     offer summer classes, but during the summer months the campuses 
     are grossly under utilized. I'd like to see the Valley of the Sun 
     get to the point where if somebody wants to learn about something, 
     they immediately think community college.

   + Make sure community college students are future-aware.

   + More... More... More...

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