Thurman Speaks About Joliet, Illinois

I was born in Joliet in 1957 and currently live in Arizona. I have family in Joliet (and Plainfield) and lately I get to visit them twice a year. Each visit means at least one Joliet experience.

Joliet is full of epic murals; awesome old buildings; an ever expanding collection of artful sculptures; trains, bridges, Bluff Park, forest preserves; the old prison; the National Cemetery; Township High School (Joliet Central to me) and so on and so on.

Joliet is fun for roadtrippers because two historic highways pass through it: Route 66 (the Mother Road) and US Hwy-30 (the Father Road, also known as the Lincoln Highway). Our next trip to Joliet will include a visit to the Route 66 Welcome Center.

Joliet is a fun place to eat. Pizza and beer at The Keg; hotdogs here, there, everywhere (Babe's and Portillo's just to name two); a quick visit to Crest Hill for a poorboy sandwich at Merichka's. Next time we need to go to Thayer's. If only we could get some Stefanich's chicken.

I live in Tempe, Arizona. In 2003 Tempe, for the second time, Tempe was voted an All-America City. Given a sunny day, I'd roam Joliet over Tempe anytime. I'm looking forward to visiting Joliet for many years to come. Joliet's motto is right on... "If it's fun, it's downtown Joliet."

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 21 May 2007