Thurman Speaks About Baby Boomers

The following "Thurman Speaks" was generated due to a discussion on an AzCentral.com blog.

   Comment from: Gerald8100

   01/27/07 @ 06:13
   To Doc4017: You posted your point of view for the entire world 
   to see and you probably did so without leaving the comforts of 
   your home. Give Thanks to the World Wide Web (WWW).

   The father of the WWW, which is the tool you used to post your 
   comment, was Sir Tim Berners-Lee (age 51). So the next time you 
   surf the web be sure to give Thanks to the "Loser Generation."

   Note: The WWW works because of the Internet. The Internet was 
   born in the baby boomer year of 1957. The Internet was not created 
   by baby boomers, but thank goodness the boomers were able to "see" 
   the power of the Internet and help evolve it into what it is today.

   One last item... Doc4017 wrote: "I will not shed a tear when the 
   last Baby Boomer passes on." 
   GDT says... With advances in bio- and nano-technologies, many baby 
   boomers are going to be greedy and live for a long, long, 
   long time.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 27 January 2007