Thurman Speaks About America West Airlines

I purchased AWA stock the 1st day the stock market opened after 911. I purchased addition AWA shares when they fell to around $3. I have sold some AWA shares, but I have refused to sell a small number of those 911 shares and these days I barely look at AWA stock price because I am a committed long term shareholder. I attended the 2004 meeting of the shareholders and I attending the party your company hosted celebrating the end of AWA.

Since 911 I have flown America West exclusively. I have done zero price shopping when it comes to flying since 911; in other words, if AWA gets me to where I need to go, then I have unconditionally flown AWA. I didn't become an immediate frequent flyer, but I eventually did bacause I do fly at least three or four times per year and figured why not join the frequent flyer program (note: I have not used any of my frequent flyer miles). I'd also like to point out that I have family near Chicago and Midway is the best airport for them to get to, yet I fly in/out O'Hare in order to fly America West.

I do not fly a lot, but I probably fly more than most Americans. Note: I went to Detroit the month after 911 and I considered it a patriotic act. Since 911, I have flown to Boston, Chicago (n times), Detroit, El Paso (2 seats), Pittsburgh, Portland (2 seats), Rapid City (2 seats), Reno (2 seats), San Jose (n times), Seattle (2 seats) and Washington DC.

I am a resident of Tempe and I have done a lot to make Tempe a better community. I have documented Tempe with hundreds of pictures and I have picked up a lot of litter all around town as documented by two of my websites.


It is too bad that (1) customer loyality means nothing; (2) pride in calling Tempe my hometown means nothing; and (3) being a long-term shareholder means nothing when it comes to forgiving an error. I have never put any weight into the adage: if we make an exception for you, then we need to make an exception for everyone. This all or nothing philosophy is an easy escape hatch. I am fully aware that US Airways is a publically traded company and that its primary obligation is to the shareholders; none the less, this type of stuff makes me question just exactly what does "community" means.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 21 May 2007