Thurman Speaks About How the MCCCD Might Increase 2006-07 Tuition Rates

[update::2006.02.25] As far as I can tell, the Arizona Republic has not reported about what the Maricopa Community Colleges want to do about tuition rates.

Arizona universities have announced what they want to do with 2006-2007 tuition rates.

      proposed in-state under-graduate rate increases
       [source: Arizona Republic on 31 January 2006]
         ASU at Tempe campus:  up 8.5%
          ASU at West campus:  up 3.5%
             ASU Polytechnic:  up 3.5%
       University of Arizona:  up 4.6%
      Northern Arizona Univ.:  up 3.6% **

** NAU's tuition rate increase was based upon the current inflation rate.

It appears university tuition rates continue to violate Article 11 Section 6 of the Arizona Constitution.

   "Section 6. The university and all other state educational 
    institutions shall be open to students of both sexes, and 
    the instruction furnished shall be as nearly free as possible."

I guess it all depends on how the words free and possible are defined.

Maricopa Community College Tuition Rates

Only two of the ten Maricopa Community Colleges saw an increase in headcounts from Spring 2005 to Spring 2006

Rio Salado saw an increase in headcount, but this school provides online instruction only (i.e. Rio is a virtual headcount).

District-wide Maricopa Community College headcounts were down appoxmately 3.2%, while FTSE (full-time student equivalent) was down about 3.5%. FTSE is what Maricopa community colleges care the most about.

The enrollment information presented in this BAB was shared to all SCC employees via their sccmail.maricopa.edu email accounts. The public information was passed along on a private Intranet.

In the past the Maricopa Community Colleges have used increasing enrollments to help justify tuition rates increases. Spring 2006 may have been an aberration; I don't know, but it will be difficult for the MCCCD to raise tuition rates this year. Given the rate increases requested by Arizona universities, the MCCCD is going to be able to increase tuitions.

   Spring 2001 tuition rates were $41 per credit hour.
   Spring 2006 tuition rates were $60 per credit hour.
   Fall 2006 tuition rates will be $?? per credit hour.

Over the span of five years tuition rates have increased $19 per credit hour (less than a $20 bill). The $19, however, is not significant; what is measurable is the fact that tuition rates have increased 46.3% over the last five years.

For 2005, inflation ran 3.4% even though 2005 was a record year for Atlantic storms.

Some will argue there should be no tuition rate increase for 2006-07 given the decline in enrollments. Others will argue tuition rates should be reduced, but that is not expected to happen. I have been following Maricopa community college tuition rates since 1997 and the rates have never been reduced.

The following table looks at potential increases.

   dollar     percentage   new tuition 
   increase   increase     amount
   $0          0.00%       $60
   $1          1.67%       $61
   $2          3.33%       $62
   $3          5.00%       $63
   $4          6.67%       $64
   $5          8.33%       $65
   $6         10.00%       $66

It is always fun to predict the future; therefore, I predict per credit hour tuition rates will increase either $2 or $3 (3.3% or 5%, respectively).

Update::6 February 2006

On Thursday, 9 February 2006, a representative with the Maricopa Community Colleges will be speaking with SCC student about tuition rates. The meeting is scheduled for 12:00 in the Peridot Room located next to the Student Center.

I have been informed that the Maricopa Community Colleges will be seeking a $5 per credit hour increase for the 2006-07 academic year. In addition, I have heard (although not confirmed) plans include increasing registeration fee froms $5 to $15. Let's see what these increases do to the cost of taking a one-credit class.

                   today    next year
   tuition........  $60       $65
   registration...  $ 5       $15
   total cost.....  $65       $80

   Note: total cost does not include course
   fee (if any), book expense (if any), and
   transportation costs.

   $80 is 23.1% greater than $65  
   [do the math] 23.1% = ((80-65)/65)x100%)
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