Thurman Speaks About Molly Saying "No" To Litter

The Arizona Republic published a letter from MollyH (age 14) in which she complained about litter. I wrote the following reply.

	AzLitter.org would like to extend a Thank You to 
	Molly Hoover (age 14) of Tempe for caring about 
	litter.  (Kudos also to the Republic for printing 
	Molly's letter.)

	Molly lamented about how she observed an adult tossing 
	a cigarette butt onto the ground.  Without question 
	cigarette butts are the number one form of litter and
	they are particularly nasty because they are micro-litter 
	that can take a long time to degrade.

	Almost two years ago, AzLitter.org was on the Scottsdale
	Community College and it observed that many students would
	flick their cigarette butts into a rocky area prior to
	entering the classroom.  This rectangular rocky area 
	approximated twenty-five feet by four feet.  AzLitter.org 
	did a litter patrol on this 100 square foot area and it 
	found 423 butts (4.23 butts per square foot).

	Pictures of this AzLitter.org outing can be viewed at

	Molly ended her letter saying: "When people of this day 
	and age decide littering is an unimportant problem, it 
	is a sad time in America."  AzLitter.org agrees and it
	hopes more young people will follow Molly's lead and 
	take a stand against litter.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 23 January 2006