Thurman Speaks About a Quick Hit on Immigrant Marches

I sent the following "Letter to the Editor" to the Arizona Republic on 7 April 2006, but they opted not to print it.

   About Friday's Quick Hit from Linda Valdez.

   Valdez strongly supports kids ditching school to
   protest under the condition they write a report
   about what they learned upon their return.

   I support students marching, but I'd have them
   write the essay prior to the march to see if they
   are ditching school for the "right" reason(s).  I
   suspect if you require the essay (or test) prior
   to the march, the number of marchers would be
   significantly less.

I remain convinced that a well designed border wall would be extremely effective when it comes to stemming the flow of illegal aliens into the United States of America.

GDT::Speaks:: Building a Border Wall [5 November 2005]

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