Thurman Speaks About Crow Earning His Salary

The following was emailed as a "Letter to the Editor" of the Arizona Republic on 22 November 2006. It was written in response to a column by Laurie Roberts that discussed the salaries awarded to the presidents of Arizona universities.

   For whatever reasons, we seem to be oblivious to the fact
   that we are more than a half-decade into the 21st century.
   Fortunately for the Valley of the Sun and the state of
   Arizona, ASU has Dr. Crow morphing it into a 21st century
   university. Our next few decades of are well defined: our
   future is biotechnology, nanotechnology and robotics. These
   futures are being enabled by the fact that we are entering
   into the next era of computing, which is the era of high-performance
   computing and 21st century informatics. A harsh reality is that
   becoming competitive in 21st century technologies takes a lot
   of money and long-term thinking. Dr. Crow "sees" this and he
   has ASU moving in the right direction.

   Here is a recent example: During late-September of this year,
   ASU's High-Performance Computing Institute, which is part of
   the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, was included in a
   $59 million grant to collaborate with the University of Texas
   at Austin to build a supercomputer. Today (22 November 2006),
   DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced
   that two computer companies, Cray and IBM, have been awarded
   $500 million to design and develop supercomputers.

   I doubt Google and PayPal, two 21st century informatics companies,
   would have established engineering offices in the Valley of the 
   Sun if they didn't believe ASU had a chance to be a competitive
   university in the 21st century.

   I doubt Dr. George Poste would have taken responsibility for leading
   the Biodesign Institute at ASU if he didn't believe in Dr. Crow's
   ability to be a 21st century leader.

   I doubt the mayor of Tempe would proclaim his city as
   the "smart place to be" if he thought ASU's only future
   was to be a top-ranked party school.

   Chances are we can find somebody to be the President of
   ASU for one-third of Crow's salary, but doing such a thing
   would only confirm that Arizona really is one of the dumbest
   states in the U.S.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 22 November 2006