Thurman Speaks About Textbook Costs Making the News

On 01 October 2005, the "East Valley" section of the Arizona Republic had a story about textbook costs.

AzCentral.com:: Students protest high cost of texts, materials at ASU

The Republic's article started as follows.

   "Arizona State University students are sick of paying 
    high prices for textbooks, so they're joining a national 
    campaign to fight the rising cost of education."

   "The 'Make Textbooks Affordable' campaign is a joint effort 
    of student organizations across the state to protest the 
    high cost of textbooks. The organizations say unnecessary 
    new editions make used books moot and require students to 
    buy their books new."

The price of books are inflated because they come with multi-media content (e.g. cd-roms). In most cases, unless required by the instructor, students don't use these extra materials. The Republic's article quotes one student saying, "I put iced drinks on them to protect the table."

On 01 September 2005, the State Press at ASU had a story about the ASU undergraduate student government taking action against high book costs.

StatePress.com:: ASU Web Devil - USG campaigns against book prices

Bottom-line: With never ending tuition rate increases, rising text book costs can "price" many students out of an education.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 05 October 2005