Thurman Speaks About Scottsdale Taking On Porn

Scottsdale versus porn...

The Arizona Republic may not be a source for porn, but it does contains sex stuff.

On page A25 of the 2005.12.14 Arizona Republic is a Robinsons-May advertisement (in color) of a female wearing red lingerie named "Santa babydoll."

On the bottom of the page A25 is an advertisement titled "Regain Your Sexual Potency in One Visit!" The ad contained a special section on "Premature Ejaculation" that read "increase your ability to perform and last longer."

Reading the "news" section of Arizona Republic prompted me to think of a potential movie. Act one: A female actress playing Scottsdale mayor Merry Manbabe enters an empty council chamber wearing a "Santa babydoll" outfit. In comes a male actor playing Scottsdale city councilman Rod Bigfeel. Bigfeel grabs Manbabe and proceeds to demonstrate an amazing "ability to perform." I'll leave acts two, three and four to our collective imaginations.

Maybe Scottsdale's city council should listen to the Beatles and "let it be" when it comes to strip clubs.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 14 December 2005