Thurman Speaks About Loop 101 Being a Sufficient Replacement For NASCAR

The following note was posted to the Arizona Republic's blog (i.e. PluggedIn) on 1 November 2005. They titled the posting: "Scottsdale's Demolition Derby."

   NASCAR is popular these days, but I don't know why anyone 
   pays money to attend those races when the same action can 
   be seen on the Loop 101.

   Good viewing times are any weekday morning between 5:30 a.m. 
   and 6:00 a.m. I can't speak about the southbound action, but 
   northbound between Guadalupe Road in Tempe and Chaparral Road 
   in Scottsdale is a thrill a second.

   Granted, the multi-car crashes are missing, but it's only a 
   matter of time before those become a common occurrence.

   I am constantly awed at the high-speed driving skills of so 
   many of us in the Valley of the Sun.

I advocate making the Loop 101 into a tollway.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 03 November 2005