Thurman Speaks About Laboring on Labor Day, 5 September 2005

Monday, Labor Day on 5 September 2005.

The Arizona Republic wrote an editorial about Labor Day. I ended up taking something they wrote and added it to my collection of quotes.

The U.S. Department of Labor says the workforce of the
future will need education far in excess of high school.
Those with technical training and a strong background in
math and science will be in demand.

-- Arizona Republic {"Our Stand" editorial on Labor Day, 5 September 02005} [education]

The Republic's quote contains many keywords.

	U.S. workforce, education, technical, math, science

Note that "technical," "math," and "science" cannot occur efficiently without computing. Computing (hardware and software) is going to enable us to experience the future worlds of biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics and space travel.

The U.S. must be successful in meeting its workforce needs because then it will have a populace who will be able to make wise political choices. In other words, today's voters must elect visionary politicians who are techno-literates capable of long-term global ethical thinking.

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