Bommersbach Is All Noise, No Signal

The Arizona Republic has a blog called "Plugged In." It has a bunch of "contributors" one of which is Jana Bommersbach. Jana's postings are always worthless. On 10 December 2005, Jana wrote a blog posting titled "How long can we stand George?" Her posting was again all noise, no signal, and it prompted me to speak.

   Bommersbach wrote this about our President: "He's not 
   only incompetent with our safety, but with our economy 
   and our reputation around the world, as well. This 
   country is in a world of hurt."

   There is not a single politician who can guarantee our safety.  
   As long as there are terrorists in this world, we will never 
   be safe.  We would probably be safer, however, if we didn't 
   care so much about our "reputation."  For example, we would
   be safer if we built a border wall between the U.S. and 
   Mexico, but some will say we can't do it because "what
   will the rest of the world think?" 

   I'm happy with the economy and most of the people I know are 
   happy with it.  I'm optimistic that we will be getting happier 
   during 2006.  Is the economy strong on all fronts? No, but 
   we have a good economy and anybody who says otherwise is
   mistaken.  There is going to be lots of wealth generated
   over the next decade or two.

   I don't care about most of the "reputations" of the United 
   States of America.  Yes, I want us to have the "reputation" 
   of being a country who has zero tolerance for those who
   attack our homeland, but I don't care about the various 
   and sundry soft "reputations."  

   I don't know if the U.S. is in a "world of hurt." Yes we
   have problems.  Some examples:  we we are drowning in a 
   polluted sea of political correctness; our public education 
   system needs major overhauling; most of our politicians
   are 20th century political dinosaurs; and, too many of 
   our citizens consume without contributing back to society.
   Are these problems because of George W. Bush?  I don't
   think so; instead, many of us should probably all take 
   a close look in the mirror. 


   P.S. I continue to be ignorant as to why Jana gets
   to be a 'Plugged In' contributor.  Her postings are
   consistently all noise and no signal.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 11 December 2005