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Spending Time Pondering Time

Time has not speeded up, yet is seems as if the second is becoming a huge chunk of time. [23 August 02015]

WTD? WTD? WTD? ...

"The Shining" moment at the start of Winter Break 02013. [16 December 02013]

When "No Comment" Is a Comment (update)

It started with George Carlin saying no comment is a comment or it might have been my /* no comment */ t-shirt. [20 April 02013]

Learning About Bitcoins

There has recently been a plethora of opportunities for me to learn about bitcoins, but I haven't been interested in allocating the time (which for me will require a huge chunk of time). This morning (02013.04.09) I read a bitcoin related tweet by Bruce Schneier: "I haven't analyzed the security, but what I have seen looks good. The real issues are economic and political, and I don't have the expertise to have an opinion on that." In a nutshell: I don't know foo about bitcoins. [09 April 02013]

My T-Shirts For Fall 02012

New semester means new t-shirts. [11 September 02012]


I decided to write about cyberwarfare after seeing the following headline on the front page of the 31 May 02012 Arizona Republic: "U.S. broadening cyberwar strategy". [02 June 02012]

The Case of the Accidental Quadruple

Accidents happen is a popular phrase and this ThurmSpeaks is about an accidental stock purchase gone good. [29 March 02012]

Learning About the Future in 50 Minutes

Notes for a talk I gave at SCC as part of the Arizona SciTech Festival. [15 February 02012]

Browser Tab Bloat Due to Twitter Follows, Facebook Likes, Google+ Circles

The power of Twitter is in whom I Follow, the power of Facebook is in whom/what I Like, and the power of Google+ is in whom I Circle. [30 September 2011]

It's Been a Long Time Since I Worked at Westclox

I'm using an old Westclox clock to help keep time in my office at Scottsdale Community College. [26 August 2011]

Who is Ray Kurzweil?

This ThurmSpeaks was written to help Introduction to Computer Science students learn about computing guru/futurist Ray Kurzweil. [18 August 2011]

A Gilligan's Island Moment

Turns out I is-a Gilligan. [21 July 2011]

Cisco Systems Reducing Its Workforce

During the 21st century the Internet has never been down, yet Cisco Systems shares are down 52.3% for the century. [13 July 2011]

I am Now 54 Years Young

53 was one my greatest years ever. [28 May 2011]

Buying Stock in America After the Killing of Osama bin Laden (CRAY)

I bought some more Cray stock after the United States of America killed Osama bin Laden. [09 May 2011]

Buying Stock in America After the Killing of Osama bin Laden (NSPH)

I bought some more Nanosphere stock after the United States of America killed Osama bin Laden. [06 May 2011]

The Case of the Second Accidental Double

On 11 April 2011, I accidently purchased some Level 3 Communications stock. This document is going to document if and when these accidently purchased shares double in value. [11 April 2011]


Philomath was's "Word of the Day" and that reminded of the pictures I have taken of the Philomathian bench located on the Arizona State University campus. [09 February 2011]

The Future of CPSR

It appears as though my favorite computer organization--Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility--is at risk of going belly-up. [05 February 2011]

The Case of the Accidental Triple

This short story is not a Perry Mason-like whodunit. Instead, "The Case of the Accidental Triple" is a non-fictional account of a stock (Red Hat, Inc. [NYSE: RHT]) that tripled in value even though it was purchased by accident. [01 December 2010]

Buy-and-Hold is So 20th Century

I want to buy a stock and hold it for a long time. In a nutshell, I want to be a long-term investor, where "long-term" is in units of years (and preferrably decades); however, the buy-and-hold investment strategy keeps getting increasingly difficult. [24 November 2010]

Tuition Rates

The rising cost of education has been an issue with me for more than a decade. During that time tuition rates, which are only one of many variables that dictate the cost of education, have kept going up, uP, and UP. On 25 March 2005 I created the TuitionGouging.US website to document rising tuition rates. On 4 March 2009 I let the TuitionGouging.US website expire. [30 October 2010]

From Hayden Butte To Political Signs

Hiking Hayden Butte caused me to have an endorphin rush and my hyperactive endorphins plus my hatred for political signs prompted me to go a bit crazy when I encountered political signs littering Tempe. [23 October 2010]

Sculley, Jobs, Land and Cray

From an interview with John Sculley I learn that Steve Jobs "admired" Edwin Land. While looking at Land quotes, I come across a quote similar to one by Seymour Cray. [19 October 2010]

Buying Stock in America on September 11th

Our stock account didn't have much cash in it, but I wanted buy stock in America on 9/11/2010. Because the markets are closed on Saturday, I had to place the following limit order on 9/10/2010: "Buy 125 shares of NSPH at $3.14 per share." [10 September 2010]

About My Randomly Selected ThinkGeek T-Shirts

I let "randomly" pick five t-shirts for me and I have a complaint: I got two of the same t-shirt. Granted, "randomness" dictates that this can happen, but I think ThinkGeek's random t-shirt picker should ensure against duplicates. [24 August 2010]

The Case of the Accidental Double

This short story is not a whodunit... we've been watching Perry Mason lately. "The Case of the Accidental Double" is a non-fictional account of a stock (Red Hat, Inc. [NYSE: RHT]) that doubled in value even though it was purchased by accident. [06 August 2010]

Commencement Speeches: Bush To Obama

George W. Bush was a Yale University graduate and in 2001 he gave Yale's commencement speech. Barack Obama was a Harvard University graduate and in 2010 he gave the commencement speech at Hampton University. [10 May 2010]

Opt-In Versus Opt-Out is Again a Hot Topic

Time and time again companies/organizations/governments/etc. force people to take action in order to opt-out. In other words, opt-in is the default and opt-in is almost always the wrong default. [28 April 2010] Lives For Another Year turned seven years of age on 3 April 2010. [12 April 2010]

Day of the Week Facebook Status Updates

Between Monday, 5 April 2010, and Sunday, 11 April 2010, I did a "Day of the Week" related Facebook status update. This webpage is a collection of those seven updates. [11 April 2010]

Ignore Everybody

I might try to read Ignore Everybody over before 2009 comes to end. [03 October 2009]

The Birth of the Internet

On 2 September 1969, machines at UCLA exchanged messages and this event morphed into what is today the Internet. [02 September 2009]

About Waste In Our Healthcare System

It appears as though advances in healthcare IT (Information Technology) have been minimal over the span of the last two decades. [25 July 2009]

Obama Talks About Waste In Our Healthcare System

During Obama's infomercial (oops... news conference) on 22 July 02009, Obama used the word "waste" seven times. [23 July 2009]

The Power of Twitter Example

It starts with a tweet from futurist Tim O'Reilly and ends with Andy Kessler. [21 July 2009]

My Memories of Man Walking On the Moon

20 July 01969... I was 12 years of age and walking on the moon meant nothing to me. In the summer of '69 I was between 6th and 7th grades and my sole focus was playing. Play, play, play and then play some more. [20 July 2009]

My Take On Walter Cronkite

On 17 July 02009, my quote collection contained 742 quotes, but only one of the quotes was from Walter Cronkite and I've used it in my classes multiple times over the last five years. [19 July 2009]

About Baseball All-Star Game 02009

I lost all interest in sports many years ago, but I look at the sports section everyday because I find it useful to be able to talk about sports in certain "networking" situations. [16 July 2009]

Y2K Problem Was Nothing Compared To Y2.001K Problem

We did a great job fixing the Y2K problem, but we are failing with respect to fixing the Y2.001K problem. [06 July 2009]

Is Today's America Tocqueville's America?

On 4 July 02009, John Perry Barlow (co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a Grateful Dead song writer) tweeted the following quote by Alexis de Tocqueville: "The greatness of America lies in her ability to repair her faults." [05 July 2009]

How About a High-Speed Rail Czar?

The R&DDD (research, development, demonstration, deployment) of high-speed rail requires high-performance computing systems. [23 June 2009]

Father's Day 2009

I wrote a tiny blurb about Father's Day on 21 June 2009 and posted it to my AzFoo at blog. [21 June 2009]

I've Resumed Reading 'Atlas Shrugged'

I started reading Atlas Shrugged during December of 2008, but I put it down because I found it too depressing. I recently decided to resume reading it, but I'm not sure I'll make it to the end. [21 June 2009]

Community Colleges Getting Stimulus Funds

The Maricopa Community Colleges are getting some stimulus funds to help retrain today's workforce. Automotive repair is categorized as a "growth industry." [16 June 2009]

Free Lunches--Want vs. Need

Lots of students get free lunches. Two points: The lunches are not "free" and in some cases "free" lunches are given when they are not needed. [13 June 2009]

U.S. Czars, Russia, Google, D-Day, Tetris

I was disappointed Google opted to honor Tetris over D-Day so I posted about my disappointment to the AzFoo at blog. [06 June 2009]

About Obama's PCAST Dream Team

Barack Obama has formed a Dream Team that is calling the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. [03 May 2009]

Why Didn't Arne Duncan Visit Arizona?

Arne Duncan is the Education Secretary of the United States and he visited Miami Dade College to tell them how important the community colleges are to America. He said he visited Miami Dade College because it was the "best of the best." What about the Maricopa Community Colleges? [08 March 2009]

I say YES to NSF $7B Funding Request

The National Science Foundation is critical the long-term success of the United States in the 21st Century and it deserves as much funding as it can get. [08 March 2009]

Cool Math Versus Hollywood and Sports

"U.S. kids need to do 'cool' math" was the title of Taylor W. Lawrence's "My Turn" printed by the Arizona Republic on 17 February 02009. Lawrence is president of Tucson-based Raytheon Missile Systems and it comes as no surprise that he is worried about having a computationally thinking workforce in the 21st century. He should be worried. [22 February 2009] Will Change Everything?

"The World Question Center" at has asked an interesting "what will change everything?" question: What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see? [03 January 2009]

I Find Dangerous Ideas Interesting

I have many dangerous ideas, but I feel it is too dangerous to speak about them (i.e. share them with others). [29 November 2008]

Obama Needs a Dream Team of CSTEMers

CSTEMers are gurus in computational thinking, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Obama needs all the help he can get. [24 November 2008]

Kudos to NASA!

NASA is doing some great science. I want to extend a Thank You to NASA for reminding us that this is the 21st century. [23 November 2008]

Oxymoron? Unionized Meritocracy

Our educational system will remain dysfunctional as long as there are teacher unions. [21 November 2008]

Savor Our Sports? What a Bunch of Foo

The Arizona Republic thinks Arizonans should be happy with the success of Arizona's sports teams. What a bunch of foo. [21 November 2008] Has Low Expectations For Us Inhabitants

"Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today," wrote Barack Obama on his website. I had to speak about how disappointing I am in Obama's quote. [18 November 2008]

Dr. Crow is Grossly Underpaid

The Arizona Republic made university president salaries front-page news so that prompted me to speak up. [18 November 2008]

SCC Students Don't Have the Right To Fail

The faculty of SCC were told by administration that SCC students don't have the right to fail. And it unethical for the faculty to grant students the right to fail. [20 August 2008]

Dalai Lama Lacks a Karmic Connection to Math

The Dalai Lama can grasp modern science like quantum mechanics and genetics, but he has a difficult with advanced mathematics. [13 August 2008]

AIMS scores nothing more than numbers

The 2008 AIMS scores were printed in the Arizona Republic that prompted me to post to my AzFoo blog. [09 August 2008]

From a Cluster of Calculators to Computer Clusters

The Mark I was created on 7 August 1944. The computer was basically a cluster of calculators. These days we're doing supercomputing using computing clusters. [08 August 2008]

Phil Gramm Quotes

Phil Gramm pissed political correctness into the wind and he got splattered in the face. [08 July June 2008]

I Learned a New Word: Pleonasm

I learned the word pleonasm thanks to the using the phrase "negative graffiti." [08 July June 2008]

I Don't Identify With America

Yesterday was the 4th of July and I could have cared less. Just because it's a birthday, doesn't mean it's a time for celebration. I just don't know why the United States of America thinks it's so great. [05 July June 2008]

Tempe Doesn't Like the 'P' in GPEC

I'm starting to have concerns about Tempe's leadership (or lack thereof). Mayor Hallman is a smart man, but ASU's Crow is more of a 21st century leader than Hallman is. Tempe might be the "smart place to be," but only because it is the hometown of ASU's main campus. [22 June 2008]

"Unthinkable Futures" by Kelly and Eno, 1993

I added Kevin Kelly to my blogroll on 19 June 2008. Kelly was hunting through his achives and he across the "Unthinkable Futures" article that was published during the summer of 1993 for publication in Whole Earth Review. I posted about "Unthinkable Futures" to my blog on 21 June 2008. [21 June 2008]

MCCCD Raises 2008-09 Tuition Rates 9.2 Percent

The cost of education continues to go up and up and up. And, I keep making my point of view public. It will now cost $71 per credit hour to take a class at a Maricopa County College. [29 March 2008]

Memorial Day 2007

Memorial Day 2007 was on the same day as my 50th birthday. It is too bad that so many people see Memorial Day as being nothing more than a PDO (Paid Day Off)/long weekend. [28 May 2007]

Techno-Literate Politicians Are Badly Needed

The United States of America is being lead by a bunch of 20th century political dinosaurs and there appears to be no relief in sight. [21 May 2007]

Joliet, Illinois

Joliet is located in Illinois' Will County. It is about 35 miles southwest of Chicago and it is a fun town to visit. [21 May 2007]

FLOSS Literacy Way Too Low

The FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) movement continues to move forward, yet many people who make software purchasing decisions still believe that Microsoft and other proprietary closed software systems are the only solutions to their computing needs. [21 May 2007]

America West Airlines

I had been a devoted customer of America West Airlines, but not any more. These days I will take the best deal available regardless of the airline. I no longer care if America West (now US Airways) is a Tempe-based company. [21 May 2007]

MCCCD Faculty Don't Get a Step

2007 was my 10th year at the Maricopa Community Colleges and I think this year was the first year we did not get a "step" on the salary ladder. Right or wrong, MCCCD faculty were not happy with what happened to them. [04 April 2007]

Give Thanks To Baby Boomers

Some young people blame today's misfortunes on the baby boomers and they think they will be better off without them. Yeah, right. [27 January 2007]

International Studies in the 21st Century

K-12 schools are being setup so students can learn to live and work in our ever flattening world, yet at the same time, the Maricopa Community Colleges are told to minimize their international travels. [25 January 2007]

Is the MCCCD an Educational Titantic?

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) might be one of the largest community college districts in the country, but that doesn't mean they can't go belly-up. [20 January 2007]

Learning More Math and Computing

When it comes to educational issues, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Arizona's governor has a P-20 Council that is recommending high-school students do three years of math instead of two. I sent a "Letter to the Editor" of the Arizona Republic stating that more math was good, but students also need to learn a lot more about computing. The Republic inserted a word into my sentence and changed the meaning of one of my points. [16 December 2006]

Crow Earns His Salary

Arizona university presidents makes "good" money, but for whatever reason the Arizona Republic has to make "news" out of this. In addition, they connect president salaries with tuition rates and that is simply a wrong thing to do. [22 November 2006]

MCCCD Should Say NO To NelNet

The Maricopa County Community College District is considering having their students use a company NelNet to help satisfy their financial needs. NelNet lost customer data and when it comes to this the rule should be one strike your out. [22 July 2006]

East Valley Tribune Editorial on ASU and UofA Collaboration

The East Valley Tribune published a weird editorial about how ASU and the UofA should not get too friendly. The newspaper equated academics with sports. In addition, they tried to get us to believe that everybody in Arizona cares about the ASU/UA football game. [22 July 2006]

A Quick Hit on Immigrant Marches

It annoys me that Arizona Republic employees can say whatever they want without concern of rebuttable. The Arizona Republic is a good newspaper, but it is not worthy of monopoly status. [15 April 2006]

Degrees Do Not Come with Guarantees

I have not yet encountered a college degree that comes with any form of guarantee. Given what it is starting to cost to get a degree, it seems reasonable that they come with some form of guarantee. [15 April 2006]

Apache Junction School Officials Suffer Temporary Insanity

Apache Junction school officials wanted to prevent students from wearing clothing that showed an American flag. Legal U.S. citizens said "What country is this?" and Apache Junction school officials said "never mind." [01 April 2006]

Tuitions Go Up and One School Gets a New Baseball Field

The Maricopa Community Colleges voted to increase 2006-07 tuition rates by 8.33%. The registration fee is increasing 200%. At the same time, they approved the construction of a new baseball field at SCC. [01 April 2006]

Most Parents Happy With Math and Science Education

57% parents think their kids learn enough math and science in K-12. I am curious as if this is true in my hometown of Tempe, Arizona. [25 February 2006]

MCCCD Might Increase 2006-07 Tuition Rates

Another round of tuition rate increases are in the works (i.e. awaiting Board approvals). The Maricopa Community Colleges are seeking an 8.3% increases along with a 200% increase in the registration fee. [22 February 2006]

A Letter To Mr. Walker

Jerry Walker is Governing Board member of the Maricopa Community Colleges and I wrote him a letter concerning the MCCCD's IT operations and tuition rates. [10 February 2006]

A Letter To Mrs. Ellis

Shana Ellis is running for Tempe City council and I wrote her a letter to see what her views are on Tempe's "high-tech, biotech, nanotech" future that is being promoted by Hugh Hallman (Tempe's mayor). [07 February 2006]

Giving Maps To Illegal Immigrants

If illegal aliens can read maps on how to navigate Arizona's southern deserts, then so can wanna-be minutemen. [28 January 2006]

Molly Disgusted By Observing an Adult Litter

MollyH of Tempe got a litter related 'Letter To The Editor' published in the Arizona Republic and I had to write a reply. [23 January 2006]

Continuing To Move Slow with Voting Systems (Continued)

Jan Brewer, Arizona's Secretary of State, believes her voting systems contain zero defects. Let's hope we have not close elections. [09 January 2006]

Women In Computing

There are tremendous opportunities in the computing profession these days, yet women stay away. [08 January 2006]

Arizona Republic Gets It Wrong About W. Virginia Miners

I feel for the people of West Virginia. The need to be the "first" to report the news is sometimes done without thinking of others. If this happens on the Internet, then the media is quick to call the Internet evil. The Arizona Republic does it and their response was basically "oh well." [04 January 2006]

'Plugged In' To Get Better

The Arizona Repulic is going to improve their "Plugged In" blog (or at least they are going to try). In a world where nothing is easy, improving "Plugged In" is easy. [29 December 2005]

The Cranes Of The Valley Of The Sun

The cities around the Valley of the Sun are taking great pride in their crane counters. For example, recently the Scottsdale CofC boasted how Scottsdale had six cranes. Too bad there is a city in the Valley of the Sun in which residents can prosper without new stuff being constructed. Note: most of these cranes are putting up buildings that may be "green" and "smart," but they are void of anything nice to look at. [29 December 2005]

Napolitano and Valdez Refuse To Admit The Obvious

What's obvious? That a border wall (and we are talking a high-tech border wall) will be effective at significantly reducing illegal immigration. [24 December 2005]

Scottsdale Taking On Porn

The city government of Scottsdale is not happy with some of the adult businesses found within their city limits. Unfortunate for them, they are up against some businesses that plan to do battle with them. [14 December 2005]

Bommersbach Is All Noise, No Signal

Jana Bommersbach gets to be a 'contributor' to the Arizona Republic's blog and I don't know why. Her postings are all noise and no signal. [12 December 2005]

Why Won't a Border Wall...?

It was one month ago when I spoke for the first time about building a 2,000 mile border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Since then there has been lots of stuff published by the local papers; therefore, I felt the need to speak again on the subject of a border wall. [04 December 2005]

Crow Joins The Blogosphere And So Should...

Dr. Michael M. Crow, President of ASU, has become is a blogger and the leaders of the Maricopa Community Colleges need to follow his lead. I am convinced that Crow can lead a 21st century academic institution, but I am concerned that the leadership of the Maricopa Community colleges is forever stuck in the 20th century. [02 December 2005]

Make Loop 101 Into a Toll Road

I finally heard someone else suggest the Valley of the Sun should convert some freeways into tollroads. The someone else was interested in I-17, but I'm interested in the Loop 101 between south Tempe/Chandler and north Scottsdale. [01 December 2005]

Some Old Spam About Spam And SPAM

I wrote some stuff about spam and SPAM in a private email message. It turns out I wanted this spam on spam and SPAM to become a ThurmSpeaks. [21 November 2005]

Living In Tempe Takes Money, Money, Money

It is getting increasingly expensive to live in Tempe. I'm probably an average middle-class citizen, but I can barely able to afford to live in Tempe without taking on a huge quantity of debt. I don't know why Tempe aspires to be this type of community. [19 November 2005]

Historic Preservation in Tempe

I know it is dangerous to speak about stuff you don't know about, but "grandpa died fighting for the freedom of silence" and maybe I am too. [15 November 2005]

Continue Moving Slow with Voting Systems

There has been some stuff in the Arizona Republic about voting systems in Arizona. 21st century voting systems are a work-in-progress and we must be careful before we start using them in a significant way. [13 November 2005]

Building a Border Wall

A small group of politicians want to build a 2,000 mile wall along the U.S./Mexican border to help allay illegal immigration. I say build it. [05 November 2005]

Loop 101 Sufficient Replacement For NASCAR

During certain parts of the day, the Loop 101 between Guadalupe Road in Tempe and Chaparral Road in Scottsdale is every bit as exciting as NASCAR. [03 November 2005]

Harriet Miers Says To Hell With Supreme Court Stuff

Harriet Miers has said "no thanks" on becoming a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Getting confirmed would have been the supreme sacrifice that Harriet was strong enough to not make. [27 October 2005]

Textbook Costs Making the News

ASU students are taking a stand against high textbook costs.

[05 October 2005]

Harriet Miers Being the Best Man For the Job

George W. Bush nominated Harriet Miers to become the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. Harriet is not a white name; therefore, it must mean she was the best person for the job. [03 October 2005]

Google's 2004 Annual Report

During 2004, Google, Inc. issued its first annual report as a public company. I enjoyed the way the Googlers started and ended their report. [17 September 2005]

Lost T-Shirt Moment

I wore a NASA t-shirt to my MAT102 class and a student asked me why I was wearing the t-shirt. I don't know why, but I did not use the student's query as an opportunity to tell them that I believe learning about space travel and exploration is important. [15 September 2005]

Let's Make Loop 101 Into a Tollway

The Loop 101 is broken and it has been broken since it first opened. And it is only going to get worse. [13 September 2005]

Laboring on Labor Day, 5 September 2005

An Arizona Republic editorial about Labor Day prompted me to labor on Labor Day of 2005 by writing about how the U.S. needs an educated workforce. [05 September 2005]

"If We're Smart..."

The governor of Arizona says, "If we're smart, we'll revamp U.S. public education." Hey Napolitano, we are smart! Now do something about it instead of using sound-bites in attempts to get re-elected. [29 August 2005]

Blowing-Up the U.S. Public Education System

There is lots of talk about today's public education system in the United States. In a nutshell--it sucks and it needs to be blown-up and re-invented. This is the first of numerous "speaks" on the subject. [29 August 2005]

The Fall 2005 Fuller School Sign

While walking Ray one day I encountered an interesting "welcome" sign at Fuller Elementary school. A hyperlink to this "Speaks" was sent to the mayor of Tempe. [28 August 2005]

Another Semester Begins

I had to speak a little bit about starting my eighth year as an Instructor at SCC. [22 August 2005]

2005 To Be a Year of Change for GDT

This document was written mid-November 2004; however, it didn't get posted to the GDT website until mid-August of 2005. In a nutshell, GDT is barely surviving. [20 August 2005]

More About the Costs of Textbooks

The start of a new semester followed by a recent government report about textbooks costs prompted me to speak more about the costs of textbooks. [16 August 2005]

PC-Turnoff Week

Finally, PC being used to represent Personal Computer rather than Political correctness; however, in the case of PC-Turnoff Week, I'd rather turn-off political correctness rather than personal computers. [31 July 2005]

"Let Go, Move On" Posting to Paradox Unbound

Mitch Glaser has starte a blog called Paradox Unbound. One item he posted was titled "Let Go, Move On" and that prompted me to speak about some of the stuff he wrote. [23 June 2005]

Students Say the Fooest Things (Spring 2005)

It is fun to collect student feedback. [29 May 2005]

I am Now 48 Years Young

I've gotten in the habit to write something on every birthday. [28 May 2005]

Pinal County Voters Say NO to Pinal Community Colleges

This vote in Pinal County can be summarized in one word: mistake. [27 May 2005]

Einstein Says Playing is Important

From all-day kindergarten to shorter recess times-- Arizona kids may not learn about the importance of play. [13 May 2005]

Tuition Rate Increases in 2005

Arizona tuitions continue to climb at rates the greatly exceed our inflation rate. Spike in fuel costs will also add to the cost of learning. [15 February 2005]

The Cost of Textbooks

Textbook costs are becoming a major contributor to the cost of getting an education. It makes me mad that students have to pay $100 for a basic arithmetic book. [28 August 2005]

Christopher Reeve Was a Superman

Christopher Reeve -- may you rest in peace. [11 October 2004]

Martha Stewart and Kobe Bryant

I believe money does not buy happiness, but I do believe money buys freedom. [Unless you break the law and get caught.] Martha Stewart and Kobe Bryant have recently been in the news and I had to speak-up about how envious I am of them. [17 July 2004]

Let's Think Bigger About Light-Rail

The predominately east/west light-rail needs to be expanded to include a north/south route that connects the southern portion of the Loop 101 (Chandler/south Tempe) will north Scottsdale (the airpark). The need for this route is because of the ASU Scottsdale Center for New Technology and Innovation that is going in at the old location of Los Arcos mall. [31 May 2004]

About My Hometown

I call Tempe my hometown even though I wasn't born and raised there. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary a hometown is either the town you live in, the town you were born in, or the town in which you grew up. [23 May 2004]

Students Say the Fooest Things

At the end of the Fall 2003 semester, I had students tell me what grade the deserved and why. I documented some of the more intestering comments. [22 December 2003]

Happy 58th Birthday to Neil Young

I consider Neil Young the definitive rock'n roller of all-time. Neil turned 58 years young on 12 November 2003. [12 November 2003]

Fired Chancellor Given $325,462 to Go Away

When I went to school on Friday, 10 October 2003, I felt as if I was working for Enron or Worldcom or Arthur Anderson or Martha Stewart. I am hoping that this is the last time I find it necessary to speak about the MCCCD chancellorship. [12 October 2003]

Discount Tire Company and the American Dream

Purely by luck, I am a former employee of Discount Tire Company with corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Discount Tire was a great employer for me and need to say Thank You to them. [06 October 2003]

Dr. Rufus Glasper is the New MCCCD Chancellor by Default

For some amazing reason, Dr. Rufus Glasper was the only person to apply for the chancellorship. Even more amazing is the fact the MCCCD board did not execute an external search when they only had one applicant. The Valley of the Sun doesn't seem to care. [01 October 2003]

Holidays Can Be Freedom Thieves

It is Labor Day for the year 2003. I don't like the timing of this year's holiday. Labor Day 2003 [01 September 2003]

Faculty Should Have a Say in the Hiring of the New Chancellor

The faculty are a valuable resource withing the MCCCD and they should be used when it comes to the hiring of the new chancellor. [29 July 2003]

Open the MCCCD Chancellor Position to All

The MCCCD may be getting ready to begin a search for a new Chancellor. The Arizona Republic tells them to hire from within, but I disagree. [08 July 2003]

I am 46 Years Young...

I have turned 46 years young and I am growing younger. [28 May 2003]

The MCCCD Needs to Write a Speaks

The Arizona Republic is not happy with the MCCCD remaining quiet as to what is going on with the Chancellor. The MCCCD is too important to the well-being of the Valley of the Sun to be mis-adminstrated. More... [28 May 2003]

Tuition Rates Skyrocket, Spring 2003

During the span of the Spring 2003 semester I wrote numerous notes concering tuition rates. In the end, state unversitites upped rates 39% and the MCCCD hiked tuitions 10.7%. [02 May 2003]

[Update::17 May 2003] In response to a Letter to the Editor on 17 May 2003, I had to speak again about tuitions.

Harley Relocates to Dog Heaven

Harley the Dog has died and I had to write a short note. [22 February 2003]

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage In, Garbage Out is an old computing phrase that has been true since day one of computing. These days garbage extends to our roadsides. [24 March 2002]

Less is More... More or Less

During a lecture about Unix pager commands, I conclude that in computing [just maybe] "less is more" is more or less true. [08 February 2002]

Speaking About Unix and Objects

Sometimes lecturing and writing about Unix and Objects can result is some weird sentences. [06 February 2002]

Super Bowl 2002

Here are some comments about the dot-coms that advertised during the 2002 Super Bowl. [04 February 2002]

Old Stuff


I've been wearing eye glasses since 5th grade. Here is a note where I share with you my experiences with my most recent pair of glasses.


Everybody has a bunch of reputations. Big deal. I'm curious about mine, but I don't let them affect me.

System Administrators

A good System Administrator is vital to any computer operations. This document provides a list of traits found in a good SysAdmin.

Learning About Computing

This document discusses the importance of learning about computing and how it is a never ending process.


I use to be a jock and I have coached youth sports. In a weird sort of way, my approach to teaching is similar to the way I handle coaching.

History of Unix, C, C++, and Java

This is a one page (screen) overview of the history of the Unix, C, C++, and Java programming languages. The value of this webpage is the collection of hyperlinks that are provided.

Hello, World

It has become common practice for a programmer to learn a new programming language by writing a program that prints the phrase hello, world. This webpage provides more information than you will ever need about "hello, world" programs.

The Mouse

Doug Engelbart invented the mouse input device back in the sixties. Click on "The Mouse" and meet Doug Engelbart.


This webpage discusses the difference between good and bad passwords. It offers suggestions on how to select a good password. The document also contains information about biometrics.

The vi Editor

This webpage summarizes what the vi editor is and it provides some hyperlinks to valuable vi related resources.


This webpage summarizes what the emacs editor is. In addition, it gives a story about my experience with emacs.

What's COBOL?

This tidbit describes what COBOL is and what role COBOL plays in computing today.

Driving 55

I drive 55 in the right-most lane of the freeway. If you are in a hurry, then don't drive in the right-most lane.

[update] The Valley of the Sun has upped the speed limit on most freeways to 65 miles per hour. That's right -- 65 miles per hour on urban freeways. What fun. The 101 is not a freeway, it is a raceway. Many drivers see that 101 sign and mistake for a speed limit sign. GDT::Speaks::About Driving 65.


My opinion on ties. McNealy quote: "Ties are nothing more than dysfunctional fabric."

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