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Cracking Time Can Be Dangerous

[31 December 2014, top]
iOS--Backdoors, Attack Points, Surveillance Mechanisms
#security #cracking #backdoors #HOPE scientist identifies suspicious 'back doors' running on every iOS device

[23 July 2014, top]
When 123456 is a Good Password
It makes sense to use easy-to-remember passwords on non-important accounts.
   "Strong passwords would be more likely adopted if people learned 
    to use them only on critical accounts, such as employer websites, 
    online banking and e-commerce sites that store the user's credit 
    card number. To be effective, this group should be small."
    -- Antone Gonsalves at CSO '123456' is a great password

[19 July 2014, top]
Tweetdeck Got Cracked
It took Twitter about an hour to fix the defect. [12 June 2014, top]
Don't Honor Crackers With the 'Hacker' Title
Best misinformation headline seen this morning (6/11/02014): "Hackers Steal Up To 20% Of Money Generated By The Internet". Hackers steal 0% because it's crackers who do the stealing. Note: It's possible to be a cracker without being a hacker.

[11 June 2014, top]
Heartbleed is an Ugly Defect

I don't know foo about computer security, but Bruce Schneier does.

[09 April 2014, top]
Trust but Verify
I agree!
   "It is becoming increasingly difficult to trust the privacy properties 
    of software and services we rely on to use the Internet. Governments, 
    companies, groups and individuals may be surveilling us without our 
    knowledge." -- Brendan Eich, CTO and SVP Engineering, Mozilla and
    Andreas Gal, VP Mobile and R&D, Mozilla but Verify

[22 January 2014, top]
Target Crack Was a Decent Crack
@nanofoo received the following tweet from @NetworkWorld on 2014.01.10.
    Target confesses: Data breach victim total soars from 40 million to 70 million
[10 January 2014, top]
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[01 January 2014, top]

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