GDT "Learning About" Resources

Learning About Programming Languages
{Unix Shells} {C & C++} {Java} {JavaScript} {PERL} {AWK} {PHP} {Python}

Learning About the Internet & WWW ... {XHTML} {Internet & WWW}

Learning About Operating Systems ... {Unix Systems} {Plan 9} {Inferno}

Learning About Computing (General)
{Computer Books} {Computer Security} {Computing Glossary}
{Free/Libre & Open Source Software (FLOSS)}
{High-Performance Grid & Utility Computing (HPC)}
{Artificial Intelligence} {Computing Ethics} {Interviews} {Local User Groups}
{Object-Oriented Analysis & Design} {Software Engineering} {Terminology}

Learning About Computing Gurus ... {Dream Team} {Dead Team}

Learning About Math ... {Arithmetic, Everyday Math & Algebra}

Learning About the Future ... {Biotech} {Nanotech} {Robotics} {Space}


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