Neil Young

I created this collection of Neil Young quotes/lyrics on Neil's 66th birthday on 12 November 02011. It was instantiated with 17 quotes.

It's all one song.
-- Neil Young (01945-) {Canadian born rock'n'roller; more...} [life/work]

I work for me.
-- Neil Young (01945-) {at Farm Aid 02013; more...} [life/work]

People my age, they don't do the things I do.
Neil Young (01945-) {Canadian born rock'n roller;} [life]

Heart of Gold put me in the middle of the road. Traveling
there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch.

-- Neil Young (01945-) {from Decade liner notes;} [success]

I'm as predictable as a Holiday Inn when you really look at me.
I keep doing the same thing all over again.

-- Neil Young (01945-) {from Time Magazine interview on 3 October 02005;} [sustainability]

It's such a relief to escape musicmaking and the pressure of music,
to release it all in algorithms and theory of operations.

-- Neil Young (01945-) {from Time Magazine interview on 3 October 02005;} [computing]

You're always going to rub someone the wrong way when you sing,
let's impeach the president. But that's what this country's
all about -- being able to express your views.

-- Neil Young (01945-) {speaking to the LA Times;} [freedom/politics]

I've been living alongside a very talented and
creative guy for a long, and some people get what
he does and sometimes they don't.

-- Pegi Young { speaking about Neil Young } [passionate]

Listenin' to Bob Dylan singin' in 1963
Watching the flags of freedom flyin'

-- Neil Young { song "Flags of Freedom" from "Living with War"; Dylan wrote "Masters of War" in 1963 } [war/freedom]

I'm listening to Neil Young, I gotta turn up the sound
Someone's always yellin', 'Turn him down'
Feel like I'm driftin', driftin' from scene to scene
I'm wondering what in the devil could it all possibly mean.

-- Bob Dylan { from the song Highlands; lyrics... } [life]

A little love and affection
In everything you do
Will make the world a better place
With or without you."

-- Neil Young (01945-) {lyric from Greendale's Fall From Above;} [life]

I've got hope, but you can't eat hope.
-- Neil Young (01945-) {lyric from "Fork In The Road"; more...} [life]

You can live your own life... Making it happen
Working on your own time... Laid back and laughin'

-- Neil Young (01945-) {lyric from Last Dance (01973); sorry Neil--"a man needs a" robot(s)} [life]

A little Mayberry living can go a long way.
-- Neil Young (01945-) {lyric from Grandpa's Interview on Greendale; lyrics...} [life]

The only good thing about TV is shows like "Leave it to Beaver."
-- Neil Young {Grandpa's Interview; lyrics} [life/tv]

I won't retire, but I might retread.
-- Neil Young [Greendale album... Falling from Above]

Grandpa died like a hero, fighting for freedom of silence.
-- Neil Young { Grampa's Interview from the Greendale album}

Tick tock... Clock on the wall... No wonder we're losin time.
-- Neil Young { from the song "No Wonder" off of "Praire Wind" (2005) } [time]

Son, don't wait till the break of day
'Cause you know how time fades away.
Time fades away...

-- Neil Young (01945-) {"I was handcuffed, I was born & raised"; more...} [life]

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