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However vast a man's spiritual resources,
he is capable of but one great passion.

-- Pascal, Blaise (01623-01662) {mathematician, physicist, religious philosopher; more... } [passion]

The ability to talk about music and mathematics
and physics with him was extraordinary.

-- Peter Neumann (?????-) {" Expect the Unexpected" ACM Ubiquity interview; more...} [einstein]

Well, the folks who believe that technology has all
the problems are also living in a troglodytic world.

-- Peter Neumann (?????-?????) { " Expect the Unexpected" ACM Ubiquity interview; more... } [luddites]

There's very little emphasis on the right brain thinking
-- the intuitive, the creative, the imaginative -- and in
particular, the thinking out of the box.

-- Peter Neumann (?????-?????) { " Expect the Unexpected" ACM Ubiquity interview; more... } [education]

When it comes to students, the average students who come out
of an American educational system, or probably also an Indian,
Chinese or Japanese system, are taught to regurgitate the
material that has been crammed down their throats.

-- Peter Neumann (?????-) { Expect the Unexpected ACM Ubiquity interview; more... } [education]

Today in China, Bill Gates is Britney Spears. In America today,
Britney Spears is Britney Spears--and that is our problem.

-- Jerry Yang (01968-?????) { CEO of Yahoo! quoted in " The World Is Flat;" more... } [competition]

Very calming. First there are no cellphones. There's
fans going as the air goes through filters, so you're
enclosed in this white noise. There are absolutely no
interruptions. You know you are working on something
very important, so you're very focused.

-- Paul Keim (?????-?????) { scientist speaking about working with Anthrax; more... } [biotech]

To speak algebraically, Mr. M. is execrable, but Mr. G. is e(x+1)ecrable.
-- Edgar Alan Poe (01809-01849) { American poet and writer; more... } [math/algebra]

Oh, he seems like an okay person, except for being a little
strange in some ways. All day he sits at his desk and scribbles,
scribbles, scribbles. Then, at the end of the day, he takes the
sheets of paper he's scribbled on, scrunges them all up, and throws
them in the trash can.

-- John von Neumann's housekeeper { describing her employer John von Neumann } [math]

Mathematics requires a small dose, not of genius, but of an
imaginative freedom which, in a larger dose, would be insanity.
And if mathematicians tend to burn out early in their careers,
it is probably because life has forced them to acquire too much
common sense, thereby rendering them too sane to work. But by then
they are sane enough to teach, so a use can still be found for them.

-- Angus K. Rodgers (?????-?????) { don't know who Angus Rodgers is } [math]

If you want to put the holes in your knowledge on display, try teaching someone.
-- Alan Cox (01968-) {British computer programmer/Linux guru; more...} [learning]

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