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Mind like parachute - only function when open.
-- Charlie Chan (from Charlie Chan at the Circus [01936]) {fictional Chinese-American detective; more...} [life]

When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school,
it's a wonder I can think at all. {"Kodachrome"}

-- Paul Simon (01941-) {American singer/songwriter; more...} [education]

Millions long for immortality who don't know what
to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

-- Susan Ertz (01894-01985) {British writer/novelist; more...} [life]

The most important part of education is proper training in the nursery.
-- Plato (00428?bc-00348?bc) {Greek philosopher; more...} [education]

There are only 3 colors, 10 digits, and 7 notes;
it's what we do with them that's important.

-- Jim Rohn (01930-02009) {American entrepreneur/author/motivational speaker; more...} [life]

Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune.

-- Jim Rohn (01930-02009) {American entrepreneur/author/motivational speaker; more...} [education]

If I look at enough of your messaging and your location,
and use artificial intelligence, we can predict where you
are going to go.

-- Eric Schmidt (01955-) {Chairman/CEO of Google; more...} [data/information]

Show us 14 photos of yourself and we can identify who you are.
-- Eric Schmidt (01955-) {Chairman/CEO of Google; more...} [data/information]

There was five exabytes of information created between the
dawn of civilization through 2003. But that much information
is now created every two days, and the pace is increasing.

-- Eric Schmidt (01955-) {Chairman/CEO of Google; more...} [data/information]

Education... has produced a vast population able to read
but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.

-- G. M. Trevelyan (01876-01962) {English historian; more...} [education]

Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation
from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.

-- W. Somerset Maugham (01874-01965) {English writer; more...} [life]

Mother Nature is just chemistry, biology and physics.
She always bats last, and she always bats 1.000.

-- Robert Watson (?????-) {environmentalist; more...} [mother nature]

The learning of the grammar of silence is an art much more
difficult to learn than the grammar of sounds.

-- Ivan Illich (01926-02002) {Austrian philosopher/priest; more...} [life]

Together we have come to realize that for most men the right
to learn is curtailed by the obligation to attend school.

-- Ivan Illich (01926-02002) {Austrian philosopher/priest; more...} [education]

School is an instiution built on the axiom that learning
is the result of teaching.

-- Ivan Illich (01926-02002) {Austrian philosopher/priest; more...} [education]

I have noticed that the people who are late are often so
much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.

-- E. V. Lucas (01868-01938) {English writer; more...} [life]

I criticize many so-called experts for not knowing that they
are full of balloney--epistemic arrogance--and their lack of
realistic awareness of their own error rate.

-- Nicholas Taleb (01960-) {skeptical empiricist; more...} [experts]

We all can be suckers for those who discuss the future.
-- Nicholas Taleb (01960-) {skeptical empiricist; more...} [future]

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself,
but talent instantly recognizes genius.

-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (01859-01930) {British writer/creator of Sherlock Holmes; more...} [life]

The more we progress the more we tend to progress. We advance
not in arithmetical but in geometrical progression. We draw
compound interest on the whole capital of knowledge and virtue
which has been accumulated since the dawning of time.

-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (01859-01930) {British writer/creator of Sherlock Holmes; more...} [math]

The range of human knowledge today is so great that we're all
specialists and the distance between specializations has become
so great that anyone who seeks to wander freely between them
almost has to forego closeness with the people around him.

-- Robert Pirsig (01928-) {American writer; more...} [life]

"Is it hard?" Not if you have the right attitudes.
It's having the right attitudes that's hard.

-- Robert Pirsig (01928-) {American writer; more...} [life]

The infinite is in the finite of every instant.
-- Zen proverb {More Zen proverbs from Wikiquote.org} [life]
...nanoized by nanofoo in 02012...
The infinite is in the finite of every infinitesimal moment of time.

Dealing drugs? That's impossible, he [Bart] doesn't have the math skills.
-- Marge Simpson (01987-) {housewife on The Simpsons; more...} [math]

Only the paranoid survive.
-- Andrew Grove (01926-) {Hungarian American businessman/engineer; more...} [business]

Unemployment is corrosive.
-- Andrew Grove (01926-) {Hungarian American businessman/engineer; more...} [economy]

Freedom from suffering is a great happiness.
-- Nhat Hanh (01926-) {Buddhist monk; more...} [freedom/happiness]

As a universal intellectual amplifier, computing is the
quintessential enabler of 21st century discovery and innovation.

-- Daniel Reed (?????-) {American computer scientist; more...} [computing]

As one digs deeper into the national character of the Americans,
one sees that they have sought the value of everything in this
world only in the answer to this single question: how much money
will it bring in?

-- Alexis de Tocqueville (01805-01859) {French political thinker/historian; more...} [American]

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress
discovers it can bribe the public with the public's money.

-- Alexis de Tocqueville (01805-01859) {French political thinker/historian; more...} [politics]

"I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language.
Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence?

-- George Carlin (01937-02008) {American comedian, actor, and author; more... } [marriage]

Nobody spends somebody else's money as carefully as he spends his own.
Nobody uses somebody else's resources as carefully as he uses his own.
So if you want efficiency and effectiveness, if you want knowledge to
be properly utilized, you have to do it through the means of private property.

-- Milton Friedman (01912-02006) {American economist; more...} [life]

We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork.
-- Milton Friedman (01912-02006) {American economist; more...} [life]

Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.
-- Karl Marx (01818-01883) {German philosopher/political economist/etc.; more...} [reason]

Things turn out best for the people who make the
best of the way things turn out.

-- John Wooden (01910-02010) {Hall of Fame college basketball coach; more...} [life]

Never mistake activity for achievement.
-- John Wooden (01910-02010) {Hall of Fame college basketball coach; more...} [life]

It's not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.
-- John Wooden (01910-02010) {Hall of Fame college basketball coach; more...} [life]

If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything.
I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes.

-- John Wooden (01910-02010) {Hall of Fame college basketball coach; more...} [life]

Ability is a poor man's wealth.
-- John Wooden (01910-02010) {Hall of Fame college basketball coach; more...} [life]

Most technologies--since they are increasingly based on ideas and bits
and not on atoms and muscle--are improving at rapid, exponential rates.

-- Curtis Carlson (01945-) { chief executive of SRI International; more...} [future]

I have an immense respect for Craig Venter, whom I consider one of
the smartest men who ever breathed, but, giving fallible humans such
powers is similar to giving a small child a bunch of explosives.

-- Nicholas Taleb (01960-) {skeptical empiricist; more...} [life]

My book 'The Sun, the Genome, and the Internet' (1999) describes
a vision of green technology enriching villages all over the world
and halting the migration from villages to megacities. The three
components of the vision are all essential: the sun to provide
energy where it is needed, the genome to provide plants that can
convert sunlight into chemical fuels cheaply and efficiently, the
Internet to end the intellectual and economic isolation of rural
populations. With all three components in place, every village in
Africa could enjoy its fair share of the blessings of civilisation.

-- Freeman Dyson (01923-) {British/American theoretical physicist/mathematician; more...} [future]

I feel sure of only one conclusion. The ability to design and
create new forms of life marks a turning-point in the history
of our species and our planet.

-- Freeman Dyson (01923-) {British/American theoretical physicist/mathematician; more...} [future]

I never did give them hell. I just told the truth,
and they thought it was hell.

-- Harry S. Truman (01884-01972) {33rd President of the United States; more...} [life]

They [average Americans] may not understand the exact specifics,
but they do understand that these are propensities.

-- David Becker (?????-) {Chief Science Officer at Pathway Genomics; more...} [genomics]

The characteristic feature of the loser is to bemoan
mankind's flaws, biases, and irrationality -- without
exploiting them for fun and profit.

-- Nicholas Taleb (01960-) {skeptical empiricist; more...} [life]

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