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A teacher's day is half bureaucracy, half crisis, half monotony and one-eighth epiphany. Never mind the arithmetic.
-- Susan Ohanian { public school teacher and freelance writer } [teaching]

September 11 was essentially a collision of early 20th-century technology: the aeroplane and the skyscraper. We don't want to see a collision of 21st-century technology.
-- Bill Joy { computing guru born 01954; New Scientist interview 6/10/02006; more... } [cyber-bio-terrorism]

Math hasn't changed since Isaac Newton.
-- Scott McNealy { Forbes.com:: Sun's McNealy Leads Non-Profit Open-Source Drive } [education]

We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about "and."
-- Eddington, Sir Arthur (1882-1944) { in N. Rose Mathematical Maxims and Minims, Raleigh NC: Rome Press Inc., 1988. } [math]

It was on my fifth birthday that Papa put his hand on my
shoulder and said, 'Remember, my son, if you ever need
a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm.'

-- Sam Levenson (01911-01980) {American humorist/writer/TV host/journalist; more...} [life]

On the tree outside my office.
-- Seymour Cray (01925-01996) {computing guru; when asked where he wanted his phone; more...} [freedom/computing]

You see, I think that most likely, the next major advance
is going to be not made by one of us old guys--and I include
Kurzweil among the old guys--but by some young guy.

-- John McCarthy (01927-02011) {Stanford Professor emeritus; AI 50th anniversary 2006; more...} [artificial intelligence]

An apparent acceleration in the speed of technological innovation actually belies the continuing long-term use of the same fundamental technology,
-- ACM TechNews { "Slow Forward" by David Bodanis and published by Discover on 06/06/06 } [technology]

The Internet is neutral. This is a statement of fact about how the Internet is designed and operated, not a matter for debate in public policy circles. The neutrality of the Internet has made it an open platform for the free flow of information, ideas and commerce.
-- Daniel J. Weitzner { Principal Research Scientist at MIT Computer Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory } [Internet]

There are three stages of a man's life: He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus.
-- Author Unknown { added to GDT::Quotes on Father's Day 2006 } [fatherhood]

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
-- Clarence Budington Kelland (1881-1964) { writer - filmography } [fatherhood]

Politicians and diapers need to be changed; often for the same reason.
-- Henry Becker { owns land along Pima and Happy Valley roads in Scottsdale; picture } [politics]

In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.
-- Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) { French microbiologist and chemist; more... } [luck/plan]

I don't even have an e-mail address. I have reached an
age where my main purpose is not to receive messages.

-- Umberto Eco {via Donald Knuth at Stanford.edu; Knuth's diamond signs } [life/freedom]

Listenin' to Bob Dylan singin' in 1963
Watching the flags of freedom flyin'

-- Neil Young { song "Flags of Freedom" from "Living with War"; Dylan wrote "Masters of War" in 1963 } [war/freedom]

I'm listening to Neil Young, I gotta turn up the sound
Someone's always yellin', 'Turn him down'
Feel like I'm driftin', driftin' from scene to scene
I'm wondering what in the devil could it all possibly mean.

-- Bob Dylan { from the song Highlands; lyrics... } [life]

I think it's interesting that the expectations of people
with respect to what happens to their data seems to be
different than what is actually happening.

-- Sergey Brin (01973-) {Russian-born co-founder of Google; more...} [augmented intelligence]

Half of Americans don't understand math and the other three-fourths don't care.
-- Marshall Trimble { Arizona's historian; more... } [arizona history/math]

I put the relation of a fine teacher to a student just below the relation of a mother to a son.
-- Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) { American novelist; died a month before turning 38 } [learning]

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.
-- Plutarch (00046-00127) { Greek historian, biographer, and essayist; more... } [mind/learning]

The greater the number of soldiers, the greater their strength.
-- Leo Tolstoy (01828-01910) {War & Peace... via a Tempe police Gang Unit officer; more...} [collaboration]

When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.
-- Paul Brown (1908-1991) { football coach/owner; seen on a sign at the Rio Salado Triathlon } [sportsmanship]

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
-- Harry S. Truman (01884-01972) {33rd U.S. President; more...} [learning]

It's a pity that there wasn't a blogosphere then. I would have felt very much at home in the medium.
-- John McCain { Arizona senator speaking to graduates at Liberty University } [politics]

You hand in your ticket
And you go watch the geek
Who immediately walks up to you
When he hears you speak
And says, "How does it feel
To be such a freak?"
And you say, "Impossible"
As he hands you a bone

-- Bob Dylan { Ballad of a Thin Man (1965); lyrics... } [geek]

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