Quotes Collected During Spring 2006 Semester

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It'd be more like my parents' problem.
-- anonymous { ASU student commenting on the rising cost of education } [education]

Nearly everything you do is of no importance,
but it is important that you do it.

-- Mahatma Gandhi (01869-01948) {political/spiritual leader of India; more...} [inspiration]

You're always going to rub someone the wrong way when you sing,
let's impeach the president. But that's what this country's
all about -- being able to express your views.

-- Neil Young (01945-) {speaking to the LA Times; NeilYoung.com} [freedom/politics]

In a university context it is quite simply intolerable for a senior professor to pretend to be a student in order to anonymously attack his colleagues.
-- arbitration committee { Saskatchewan U. fired a math professor for posting to RateMyProfessor.com } [anonymity]

The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.
-- George Orwell { author of "1984" and "Animal Farm" } [communication]

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
-- Confucius { Chinese thinker and social philosopher; more... } [passion/work]

They are now churning out a very large number of very,
very good programmers. So we are moving quickly now to
hire the best and the brightest.

-- Eric Schmidt (01955-) {CEO of Google speaking about Chinese universities; more...} [globalization]

Absolute anonymity breeds irresponsibility. Audit trails and authentication provide a much more civil society.
-- Scott McNealy { CEO of Sun Microsystems } [anonymity]

If you want more, then you pay more is as American as it comes.
-- Walter McCormick { U.S. Telecom Association CEO speaking about net neutrality } [money/more]

Well Mack the Finger said to Louie the King
I got forty red white and blue shoe strings
And a thousand telephones that don't ring
Do you know where I can get rid of these things
And Louie the King said let me think for a minute son
And he said yes I think it can be easily done
Just take everything down to Highway 61.

-- Bob Dylan { Copyright © 1965; lyrics }

Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind.
-- Kansas { written by Kerry Livgren } [life]

We are stardust... Billion year old carbon.
-- Joni Mitchell (01943-?????) { Woodstock song on Ladies of the Canyon (01970); more... } [life]

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